Rebel Lovegood Vampire King

by David Lee

Rebel Lovegood Vampire King 10-26-2017 By Rebel Lovegood

    I am Rebel Lovegood, The vampire king. Maybe you question how I can lay claim to such bold proclamations, what with all the so called vampires real or fictional that have graced tales pages movies and t.v. through the ages, but I am not like them. Their genealogy lay in a demon who spawned them, at least according to most accounts according to mankind's recorded history. Now I am speaking about before recorded history. I have no idea if you the reader if you the reader believe in creationism, the big bang , evolution, biblical history or secular history but whatever you believe I will tell you where I came from and how I came to be what I am. Vampire unlike any you have ever encountered. It all began in Egypt. I was born an Egyptian about the time of Moses appearance around 1571bce according to some historians. My birth name was Reviello and remained so until at periods of time I had to change my name to conceal my immortality, I have many names In this century and the about the time advent of the global porn industry internet etc., and I took the name Rebel Lovegood. I am immortal as far as I know I am impervious to light, fire, disease, and any means of injury from sword, knife arrow, bullet, Taser, stun gun etc. or any methods of murder. My childhood was uneventful, typical boy and adolescent. I was friends with many of the Israelite slaves. I saw what Moses did to free the Hebrew slaves, not exactly what the bible described. On the day they were preparing to leave Egypt Moses told them go and borrow the Egyptians and one of the things a particular Hebrew (1) family Borrowed was me. I was kidnapped and made a slave. My master's name was Racobinni and his wife's name was Moriah, they had two young sons named Hammed and Dakar. I didn't understand the irony and hypocrisy in these Hebrews actions they had just been freed as slaves and now they were taking slaves?? I am wiser now and much older, they learned nothing and all their whining about their mistreatment at the hands of Egypt was forgotten and soon they were abusing me physically and mentally and occasionally sexually. All was well at first and the sex I kind of liked but it started a little and festered and grew. I became the whipping boy for their sons. Then verbal abuse and physical abuse flourished when I became twenty. I was around when Moses and his constituents wrote the Pentateuch. In the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy they have laws concerning treatment of slaves, and more so biblical proclamations of blood and its uses and purpose but also precisely In Leviticus Ch:17 verses; 10,11, and 12 about eating and drinking blood and the curse disobeying would bring on the Hebrew or foreigner among them . I experienced this curse first hand though I had never read or known it before. I wasn't a Hebrew and their laws didn't apply to me. I learned that when I went to the elders to complain of my master's abuses, the elders don't obey their own laws, they ignored me and the abuse and beatings continued. It is forbidden to eat or drink blood and anyone who does the lord turns against them according to the laws of the hippo brews.

Well it so happened one morning while the family (2)

    out I was cleaning the tent and Racobonni returned home he began verbally abusing me, then he grabbed my arm while he hit me as I stumbled backwards the axe fell my anger was ballistic and then I saw the dagger I am sick of your crap I yelled and cut his throat and looked dead in his unbelieving eyes, he started to fall forward and I dropped the dagger and caught him by his arms as he fell forward. The wound pulsed blood in spurts to the beat of his heart still I stared into his eyes as blood sprayed on my face and into my mouth. It tasted salty, tangy but good, then strangely a sensual sensation came over me my mouth covered the wound and I drank greedily until the flow subsided and he slid slowly down my body to the floor with the glare of the dead in his eyes. Emotions flooded in me what had I done why had I found it sensual the realization that I had murdered my master dawned on me and the penalty that it carried but the blood drinking I had no idea shit they were coming people were coming I was caught I felt flush nauseated my heart was pounding through my blood satiated stupor I exited the tent and saw men approaching and as I turned to bolt they were on screaming about the blood on my face and tunic one of them discovered the body of my master and began yelling murder at the top of his lungs, I broke free and ran blindly they followed and more joined them I was pelted by rocks I took 3 arrows in the back and pressed on. A rock struck me in the head and I almost blacked out, another hit my left eye and put my eye out I knew it by the force of the blow, the blue flash and pain but more so by the goo that ran down my (3)

    and I went down on one knee and they were upon me beating me. Then it stopped they put me on my knees and a man held each arm, the leader of Racobonni's tribe appeared. "I know what you did", he said. You slew him and drank his Blood and for that God is against you and you are cut off. "God said no such thing to me I" said boldly that is why no one likes you Hebrews you all think you are better than everyone and that God chooses to show himself and speak only to you bullshit I spat. You are cursed he yelled wiping my spittle from his face and you are a murder the penalty is death and you are cut off from us so my sentence on you is because you have 3 arrows in your back, and because you have lumps and bruises all over and because you lost your left eye I will be merciful so to execute your sentence of being socially banned and ostracized and two carry out the death sentence this is the manner in which you will die The elder drew his sword and cut of my right arm, the one that wielded the dagger just above the elbow I screamed and writhed in pain. As I kneel there he yelled above my whimpers gulligag you are cursed to wonder from here alone in the desert with your wounds until you die and the vermin and ravens pick your bones clean. They stood me up and screamed for me to run as they hit me with more rocks I ran as far as I could until I wasn't being hit anymore. The sun beat down the blood and sweat caked and smelled I began to black out stumbling and accepted my demise. (4)

I awoke from a dream but thought I was still dreaming. I was on a clear unseeable platform, seemingly suspended in air, with nothing as if floating. I felt alert energized empowered and stronger than I ever had in my life. Something was different there was no pain in my severed arm, my missing eye or any other wounds. Oddly my right good eye saw only darkness but my left saw in the dark I had night vision I lifted my severed are but I had a complete arm and hand, but surprisingly the new arms was a biochemical robotic prosthesis I was naked but my skin and body symmetry was changed I had muscles like your modern day super man and skin like him too. I learned through time that it withstood weather, fire and any devices meant to cut penetrate or pierce it. I had a helmet on with devices in my ears that I could not take off. Suddenly lights came on and my eyes both real and robotic adjusted quickly they seemed to glide with the most beautiful male and female bodies imaginable but when these super humans spoke it was in musical tones but my hearing devices translated to me and I understood I later found any language spoken to me celestial or terrestrial my ears would auto translate and when I spoke it translated into theirs. They explained that there wasn't much time and they would reveal things and answers to me in time then they laughed you have nothing but time you are immortal and virtually indestructible. What did you do to me they re- mapped my DNA strands, replaced my heart and lungs and rewired my brain and neural pathways. Your body now needs blood to live but only every 50 years, we developed a technology that converts blood to (5)

Energy in a multi linear fashion it exponentiates. A vampire, I whimpered but I have no fangs. You don't need them in your super intelligent state you should have no trouble luring prey. You have a mechanical heart sort of like a nuclear reactor but it causes fission of blood molecules. We get our power from water using a similar molecular split to release power. Get your prey medically and drain the blood from an IV source or try a phlebotomist or learn to learn the array of devices in your new arm there are little needles that render your victim unconscious and you can have your way. What am I some experiment why must I spend eternity feeding on blood, Just every 50 years they chimed they began to fade like they were being beamed up by Scotty on what you know as star trek wait so many questions wait in time and they were gone and I found myself naked back on earth outside a pagan nomadic village, and like a chameleon I blended in and took over and that begins my tale oh but there is so much more all in time...............but now I must make my first 50 year kill I am Rebel Lovegood The Vampire King., and multipotentialite


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