"The Field Trip"

by Nickmeraglio

"The Field Trip"

A couple of months back my High School had one of there surprise "Field Trips" for the Honor roll Students witch at the time I was one. We had a field trip to a water park it was like pioneer water park but was bigger it was a mix between pioneer and The I X Indoor amusement park. But anyway we had two buses taking us there. My friend Connie was with me. We got to the water park and it was 9:15 in the morning we were all excited because we would have been in math class now but instead we had a fun day ahead of us. We had three teachers with us as chaperones witch was ok. Me and Connie for whatever reason decided it'd be fun to sneak off and so we did and we went down the water slides and drifted away on the lazy river. We were content. That was until an old creepy bald man approached us and said "You should be in school" we told him about the field trip and he said "Oh so that's what us parents are paying for now? Lazy kids" hey we said. He turned around and said " Don't piss me off" we backed away. After a few more rides we got some food. We decided to sit down and eat. We saw the creepy old man he was a few feet away just starting at us. I waved to him. He did nothing. We left and went back on more rides and Connie Noticed while we were on the lazy river again the creepy man was watching us. I got the courage and walked up to him and said "Why are you following us?" The man said "I'm not following you" yes you are and it's creepy. We told him as we stormed off and found the teachers. We told them about the man they said not to leave there site so we didn't. A few hours later we got back on the buses to head to school to catch our rides home. As we pulled out of the water park I noticed the Man again he was watching us. I ignored him as we drove off. We got back to school awhile later and we walked inside the school. To go to our lockers before leaving for the day. I wanted to say hi to my one teacher who was cool so I went down the long dark hallway and entered the room to my horror the same bald creepy man was standing at the desk laughing. "I am your new teacher." He said laughing some more. I dropped my backpack and ran out of the class room as fast as I could I asked the principle about the man the next day and he said "I never hired any New teachers where was this man?" In the science lab. The principle immediately called the police. The police came and searched the school for the man they did not find the man. He was still at large in the High School somewhere.

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