Though Someone Came Down From Heaven Part Three.

by Roxanne Dubarry


Wendy and her angelic partner Hope appear to Brandon in his dream-like state in a vision.

"I must be dreaming, Wendy you are dead. How can I see an angel, named Hope and you?" "You are fast asleep and are having a dream," Hope replied for the pair of them. "Wendy is my new angelic helper. There is an actual heaven. Since Wendy was a believer in Jesus Christ, she automatically went to heaven when she died." "How did she get to become an angelic helper?" Brandon asked Hope. "She was placed in a special training program for special believers. She was a very dedicated Christian when she was alive." "I am going to be alright, Brandon, and you are too." "What's going to happen to me?" Now that he knew Wendy was going to be alright, he wanted to know about his own situation.

"You are not a believer, Brandon," Hope explained. "You are well aware of this fact." "Why was my life spared?' he inquired. "Because Jesus Christ loves you, and he died to redeem you. He believes you are deserving of another chance." "What happens to me if I refuse?" "Heaven is for real, it is not a frame of mind. Likewise, Hell is also a real place, located at the center of the Earth. You will eventually go to Hell if you want to." "No thanks! I honestly believed Hell was just a cuss word people use all the time!" "Hell is not really a one big rock n' roll party, it is a place of torment and suffering." "I have suffered enough in this life. I don't want to suffer throughout all of eternity." "You can be saved if you want to, Brandon," Wendy held his hand.

"When I was all alone at night and afraid, Jesus Christ appeared to me. He told me not to be afraid, he would take good care of me. I became a Christian that very night just before I died! It is a good thing I did not wait to say yes to him!" "What must I do to become saved! I really don't want to go to hell! Some of my worse enemies are already there!" "Believe in the LORD Jesus Christ and you will be saved!" Hope smiled at him. There is a celebration in heaven every time a person becomes a born-again believer in Jesus Christ!" Hope held out both of his hands to Brandon. "It is time for you to get some rest Brandon," Hope and Wendy vanished from his dream-like state of mind.

When nursing Emily Middleton opened up Brandon's room, she saw a smile on his face. His face shone with an angelic glow. "Good, my boy Brandon is going to be alright." she thought out loud. Nurse Emily Middleton was a heavenly angelic being on special assignment to earth. Unlike Wendy and Hope, she masqueraded as a human being. She was aware Hope and Wendy comforted Brandon. Maybe there was even hope for Doctor Henry Wordsworth and Brandon's parents?

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

November 29, 2017

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