A Curious Friend of Mine in Search of His Life Partner

by Rupesh Kumar


This article is based on a true story, a conversation between me and my friend Nitesh, about finding a life partner for him, that would stop at nothing. I hope you are going to enjoy it.

I have seen people falling in love. I have seen them breaking apart. And I have also seen them patching up again. People say that couples are made in heaven. But for Nitesh, who was an old friend of mine, finding the love of his life had always been a problem. He was confused with so many girls, which one to go for. One day, I heard him saying that finally, he has found the love of his life, but only to hear later on that it wasn't his final crush, there were many others to come. What a mysterious guy he was! I hadn't ever imagined that he would remain confused throughout his entire teenage.

"Why am I like this," said Nitesh.

"No brother, couples are made in heaven. Wait for some time and you are going to get what you deserve," I ended.

He was like my brother and discussed with me almost every part of his life, what he was going through, what he was messing with and even I never did mind on his arguments. Guess what! Because I liked teasing him, and never missed a chance to do so when I got one.

Another day, Nitesh with a picture, "Oh! Hey bro, Is that girl my type?"

"Well! Not again," I said. But the cheerful smile on his face made me feel happy for him. After all, he was my friend, and how could I leave him apart with no response to his statement.

Me with a smile, "Yes, she could be the girl of your life."

"Ahem! Really?" asked Nitesh with a smiling face.

YES NITESH. Go for it. But I don't want you to bother me ever again, at least, not about this.

Finally, Nitesh made his mind to talk to this girl, and I was happy that he was going to make it. "Good luck bro, you are going to have a big family," I said.

I wonder that how could some people be so cute that they would simply go by faces, and not by heart? Good though, he was going to step up into his dreamy world of what people call marriage, but it wasn't that easy for him to make a conclusion. I knew that he might change his mind anytime.

It came as no surprise to me when Nitesh came to me another day and said that she was having affair with many other boys, and he was not going to make it up with her. The glee on my face faded away all of a sudden and all I wished was, "Oh Lord! Please help him."

A day came when I went to his home and heard him singing a song, "DESPACITO! DESPACITO, DESPACITO!" I thought, he made it finally! On asking what it was all about, he replied that next to his home, in their neighborhood, he has got a new tenant, and another girl it was.

"Thank God, at least, my friend is happy today," I whispered to God.

I wonder how sweet people might be in their teenage. He was a little crazy, but at the same time, an interesting lad.

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