Trees, Poison Ivy and the Wild Flower

by Eric Baldino

There are basically three types of people in the world, Trees, poison ivy and the wild flower.

Most of us are like the tree, we are as common in society as a tree in the forest, we have our roots placed firmly in the ground, always growing toward the light and gaining strength with every storm endured.


A less common but unavoidable type is more like the Poison Ivy Vine. This type also wants to reach the light, but has relatively little power to do so on its own, so it climbs the nearest tree instead, winding around to ever greater heights often strangling the tree in the process. The vine itself, like many of the people who are like it appear deceptively innocent, at least until you get near them, it is only then that their toxic nature is revealed.

The rarest of all is the wild flower, their power lies only in a brief captivating beauty. There may be a million other plants in a forest, some a hundred foot tall and a hundred years old, but it's the single flower that blossoms for a moment in time that has the power to attract our attention and remain in our memory. So as the holidays approach I am reminded of what real power is, for Christmas day is the celebration of one of these flowers.

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