by Sedzani


I could see through the reception glass doors, "this was it ", "my green pasture", "i will work here my entire life"," but what if i don't make it" , my heart started pounding as the thoughts ran through my mind."Are you here for Interview view?" ; The receptionist asked as i entered passed through the long glass door. "I'm Patience and your are?";"I'm Shoni", the African map that was decorated with fairy lights tried very hard to calm me down while Patience continued with the greetings. "Take a sit over here", "Robi will be with you in a moment", "why are you so nervous ", "don't you have faith?" , patience's words found their way into my ears as i sat on one of the fancy sofas in the reception area, the coldness on my feet made me forgot it was August already, that it was twenty eight degree Celsius. Robi was an old man in his early sixties, he was wearing blue jeans and vertically striped shirt. The most friendliest and yet professional face assured me the interview will go well; Robi had a firm hand shake and he spoke very professionally; As we headed to the interview room I lost count of how many turns we made as I kept following Robi. The interview room had an open space, A big oval polished wooden table with five chairs around it. Four chairs with small equal stack of white papers was facing one chair across the table. I noticed a jug full of water and a glass next to it, all i could think about was if the water had medication for nervousness, if that water could warm my feet. "Take a sit"; Robi offered, I tried very hard to remember John, Nadine and Natalie's names who were already seated when we got there as Robi introduced them to me; I knew I had to make an impression , a good one.I tried very hard to hide my nervousness that was awakened by John's gaze. John was a rather big man with a big voice, big round face and full mustache which didn't help my pounding heart and cold feet much . John asked one question, but his gaze was accompanied by many unasked questions, as if he was trying to figure out if I was the right candidate. Nadine sat with both her hands on the table, an innocent face which was briefly covered by brown and black short hair kept showing different emotions as I answered questions as if she understood what I was going through at that moment , while Natalie was convincing herself I was the right candidate as she kept nodding and smiling. "Ok, this brings us to the end of our interview, do you have any questions for us"? Robi asked. It was only after five days when Robi called with a job offer;My overwhelming joy was mixed with thoughts ; that Natalie who was the supervisor was leaving and Nadine was to replace Natalie which opened an opportunity for me, as it was explained during the interview. Nadine was mostly impressed with my work, as Auntie-Cathy who had worked for the company almost twenty five years kept training me, Auntie-Cathy was a tall thin lady , her face told history that only it could tell.Experience that Auntie-Cathy had on the job was our sections skeleton, she was the library that our section accessed for all deep knowledge we needed, she also was responsible for giving new employees on the job training which made her gate for all knowledge I needed. It was only after two years when I was offered a promotion on our section as a senior, little did I know that the way I see things would change and that I would question my learning capabilities, If I was the right candidate for the job or if that company was where i wanted to be and if I had chosen the right career path for myself. . . . . TO BE CONTINUED.V3

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