Though Someone Came Down From Heaven Part 2

by Roxanne Dubarry


Sometimes it takes some angelic intervention to help needy humans who have lost all hope. The television show, in syndication, "Touched by an angel." was my primary source of inspiration.

"Brandon, dear boy, Wendy is dead and she is in heaven." Nurse Emily Middleton vainly tried to comfort her patient. "How do you know Wendy is in heaven?" Brandon sobbed loudly. "Enough of this foolishness, Nurse Meddlesome, you are hereby discharged from this hospital!" Dr. Henry Wordsworth loved showing off in front of the visitors especially if they were concerned parents. "Dr. Wordsworth, we know you come highly recommended. But our son has developed a fondness for nurse Middleton." interrupted his mother. I really could use a couple of joints right this instance, she was thinking. Her husband had become thirsty and desperately wanted more than a couple of cold beers. "I really don't want to cause any problems," suggested nurse Emily. "No problem at all, nurse Middleton! Just forget all of that religious nonsense and everything will be just fine!" "It's time for Brandon's medication, doctor," smiled nurse Emily. "You be a good boy, Brandon and get well soon," his parents kissed him on both cheeks. They left the hospital room sadly shaking their heads.

The angel Hope and Wendy were both in the hospital room but were invisible. "Hope it doesn't look like much hope for them except nurse Emily." "Nurse Emily Middleton is much more than she seems. She is an angel of mercy on special assignment." "Angels of mercy," Wendy pondered. "It's what people call doctors and nurses. But, Hope, of course, you already know that." "No, Wendy nurse Emily Middleton is a real angelic being." "If nurse Emily is already on the job, why are we needed?" "You are the one who is needed the most. All Brandon does is call out your name out loud. Nurse Emily has often tried to comfort Brandon by telling him you are already in heaven." "What must I do?" I did not think deceased humans were allowed to contact the living." "Ordinarily yes, but you are also an angelic helper. The rules are not exactly the same."

"What should I say to Brandon?" "Just let him know you are alright. And he is going to be alright as well." "How do I visit him?" "His medication puts him fast asleep. You can visit him right now." "Brandon, it's Wendy!" "Wendy, where are you?" "I am right here, Brandon. Nurse Emily was right, I came down from heaven just to visit you." "You look the same the last time I saw you, but now you have a heavenly glow!" "Listen to nurse Emily. She really is an angel of mercy!" "I promise, Wendy!" "What's going to happen to me?" "You will get well, but it will take some time." "What about my parents?" "Just have some Hope," Wendy smiled. "I have an angel with me, and his name is really Hope!" "You will be just fine, continue to do well and have some faith in God!" Hope strongly recommended.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

November 23, 2017

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