Though Someone Come Down From Heaven...introduction.

by Roxanne Dubarry


When beliving Christians become deceased they neither become angels or angelic assistants. It is why this min-series is classified as non fiction.

While Jesus Christ dwelt among earthly sinful people, his fellow Jesus would ask him for a sign. I believe he said, "Though someone (himself) come down from heaven, they (the Jews) would not believe him. There have been numerous near death experiences. Usually they have lasted only a few hours. What would happen if a person returned to earth, after being dead for a prolonged period of time? Add this to the mixture. A person has been cremated, and buried in a cremation container, and had a funeral? Has this ever happened before?

Lazarus had been in the grave for about three days, and been wrapped in grave cloths. His body had been placed in a ceremonial tomb. When Jesus arrived with his disciples, he commanded the men to roll the stone away. "Lazarus come forth!" Lazarus walked out his tomb, and they unwrapped his body. But he still had an actual body. Jesus Christ could have resurrected Lazarus even if he had been cremated. Cremation is against Jewish religious burial laws. Pagan nations frequently cremated their dead.

One instant, a young girl was riding her brand new birthday bicycle down the street where she lived. Wendy Western was that child. Suddenly, Wendy had a fatal collusion with a teenager driver under both the influence of alcohol and marijuana. Brandon Breaker was the driver, and his life was spared. Why was it spared? His appointed time to die had not yet arrived. Why did Wendy die? Her life would have been unbearable for loved ones! Wendy died instantly after the collusion. Brandon Breaker was transported to their local hospital emergency ward. The paramedics and police officers were in attendance.

When Wendy opened her eyes, she saw Jesus Christ face to face. She saw an angelic being assigned to planet earth. "We have a program for exceptional deceased people, such as you are Wendy. You do not become an angel. Angels and people were created differently. You would become a partner, of this angel. His name, is Hope. You would keep your own name, and would have to earn your wings."

"What happens if I say no?" asked Wendy softly. "It would not be held against you." commented Jesus. "But Hope and I have faith you will do the right thing." "What happens if I say yes?" Hope would return to the clouds above the earth with you." In his arms, you would fly around the earth for a guided tour. You will also be able to see your family." "Would they be able to see me?" "In a night vision they will have in their dreams." "What should I tell them?" "You will be able to tell them how much you love them."

"Will I be able to come back to my family and live with them?" "You will become an angelic partner. Hope will become your teacher as well as your partner. And no, Wendy you cannot live with your family. You were the only Christian in your family. Your first assignment will be to witness to them. If they accept me as their LORD and Savior, as you have done, you will all enjoy your heavenly reunion!"

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

November 10, 2017

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