Who Is This Child?

by Josprel

Who is This Child?

[A Christmas Poem]



Who is this babe in manger born?

On straw He laid his head,

Low beasts were his companions,

He had no pillow for his bed,

No crying did this newborn make,

Whose mother was so lowly,

Within His presence all who stood,

Sensed that He is holy.

Who is this child in manger born?

Poor shepherds heard He came,

High angels sang about Him,

That sin's power He would lame,

He would cleanse men from sin's red stain,

His death would banish Satan's claim,

He is eternally the same,

He is forever pure.

Who is this child in manger born?

High Magi sought his bed,

From East they came to worship,

But in palace sought instead,

Of low abode where He did lay,

A king did think the child to slay,

By dreams were Magi warned away,

The Lord Christ's life was spared.

Who is this child in manger born?

Prophets did foretell him,

To Earth He condescended,

As God's sacrifice for sin,

The time was full and darkness reigned,

His blood saves men, whom sin has stained,

The King of Kings we now call Him,

Wondrous Redeemer, Lord.


  Joseph Perrello (Josprel)


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