Princess Pamela of Fairy Island Epilogue.

by Roxanne Dubarry


The Eplogue of Princess Pamela of Fairy Island also describes the future of mankind. Both belivers in Christ Jesus and nonbelivers in him.

King Paul and Queen Rachael introduce Prince Dale Evans to Fairy Island. King Paul, the father of the bride Princess Pamela, gives her away. He escorts his daughter down the aisle to the wedding alter. All the fairies of Fairy Island and Butterfly Fairy Island attended. Santa and Mrs. Claus were there, and so was Sammy the elf. Santa gave his busy elves the whole day off in order for them to attend the wedding and the reception. As previously mentioned, Mother Nature transformed former Prince Peter of Fairy Island into a Pixie Dust tree on Butterfly Fairy Island. She also changed a city police officer into a prince of that island as well. Of course, she attended the festive occasions.

Prince Dale Evans had no recollection of his former existence, and neither did anyone else in the human world. The magical creatures had no remembrance of his former lifestyle either. How can anybody really miss what they do not remember? By erasing their memories, Mother Nature, did all of them a really big favor.

The King and Queen divided up Fairy Island and permitting the prince and princess to rule over one-half. They proved themselves to be honorable and trustworthy. They had pure and clean, not evil hearts. When he became changed into a fairy prince, his sin nature ceased to exist, because he was no longer human. Fairies were created without a human sinful nature. However since Prince Peter was both proud and vain, he was capable of great evil.

Fairies live for several thousand years. The fairies of both island lived in peaceful harmony's good will, unlike the world humans reside in. The humans and all residents of heaven also live in peaceful harmony's goodwill.

Deceased humans, who are believers in Jesus Christ, currently reside in heaven. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are both the creators and the rulers of heaven. The twenty-four elders, the four living creatures, and all of the angelic hosts are in residence in the heavenly realm. Some day soon, the Rapture of the Church will happen. Jesus Christ will return in the middle of the air for the bride of Christ. The dead in Christ will be the first to rise, those alive will meet them in the middle of the sky.

We will reside there for seven years, during the tribulation and great tribulation period upon the earth. We will return, the armies of heaven on white horses. Jesus Christ will be riding the chief white horse. The angelic hosts will also be in escort. Jesus Christ will defeat the armies of the anti-Christ. He will toss the anti-Christ and the false prophet into the Lake of Fire.

He will dismount on the Mount of Olives and split the mountain in half. He shall walk through the Eastern Gate of the Old city of Jerusalem. We will follow him in procession. We will rule and reign with him for one thousand years. Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit for the same time period. On angel shall bind him with a huge chain.

At the end of the thousand years, the White Throne Judgment shall take place. Satan, his fallen angels and his demons, and his human followers will be cast into the Lake of Fire. God will recreate the heavens and the earth. We shall reside in the New Jerusalem. All of the facts are not mentioned here only some of the highlights.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy 54/October Country

November 03, 2017

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