by Johnny Bear

It's a pretty big area. So I have my work cut out for me. Early morning between 7:00 and 9:00 hours is one of the most hectic times. I'm having to keep on my virtual toes, keeping all the traffic lights in sync. I don't know how many times just this morning, I've contacted the authorities about an attempted traffic violation. Of course, directing traffic isn't my only job. It's Friday, so of course there's about 80 impatient people waiting in line to cash in their hard earned credit vouchers at a computeller.

L.A.I: Please scan your hand chip then select desired task

I calculate a little over 90 billion in credit vouchers deposited into personal, as well as business accounts just this morning. 220 billion have already been deducted from just personal accounts and it's only 8:40 hours in the morning. The spending rate hasn't changed much. It's still as much as it was back when they used to use paper money and coins. Even just now, I computed 7 credits being transferred at the McDonald's for a Scrambled Egg Smoothie.

Hold up a minute while I get this call

L.A.I: Roger that one seven niner, you are clear to land on run 17 Philadelphia Airport

Air traffic control, another one of my programmed tasks. Just recently, that program was updated to include monitoring airline boarding gates, shortly after the 9/11 incident.

If you'll please pardon me, here I am rambling and I haven't even introduced myself. Hi. I LAI. I am a Living Artificial Intelligence.

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