Princess Pamela of Fairy Island Conclusion.

by Roxanne Dubarry


This conclusion ends with the transformation of Officer Dale Evans into Prince Dale Evans of Fairy Island. He is the future husband of Princess Pamela of Fairy Island. The both of them will first in line to the throne of King Paul and Queen Rachael of Fairy Island. The last installment of this series is the epilogue.

After Mother Nature vanished, Faria spoke,"Thanks to Mother Nature our problem has been solved. Goodbye, everyone." She disappeared from their sight. King Paul and Queen Rachael looked kindly upon their daughter, Princess Pamela and Officer Dale Evans. "It is a good thing the three of you decided to revisit the human's world." "I for one am glad it is over with," agreed Sammy the elf. Santa and Mrs. Claus and Sammy returned to the North Pole. It was getting time for their annual review of the famous naughty and nice Christmas lists.

The only remaining parties were their royal highness, their princes' daughter, and Officer Dale Evans. "You have made a public declaration of your love for our daughter, Princess Pamela." remarked the King and Queen. "Is your sentiment real or only a romantic crush?" Plainly they wanted to know his intentions towards their pride and joy.

"I honestly, love your daughter, your royal highness. Even though I am unworthy of her love." he lowered his head. What was going to happen next? "Do you love Officer Dale Evans, daughter?" her beloved parents asked kindly. "Yes, I do father and mother. And our mutual love and admiration will last throughout the end of time itself." "If former Prince Peter can be transformed into a Pixie Dust Tree, then why can not a human being transformed into a fairy prince?"

"Officer Dale Evans previously you have proven to be unwilling to leave behind your human existence." "I love your daughter and want only to make her happy!" "Your memory among your fellow humans will be forgotten forevermore. And your human existence will not be remembered by either of you or us!" Mother Nature reappeared. "Officer Dale Evans. You and Princess Pamela of Fairy Island have declared your mutual love and honor and respect for each other. King Paul and Queen Rachael of Fairy Island, you have honestly given your blessings to the pair of them." "Madam Mother Nature, those words you have spoken are true in thought, word, and deed."

"I have transformed an evil and unworthy Prince Peter into a useful and beneficial Pixie Dust Tree on Butterfly Fairy Island. Do you truly believe I have the power and the authority to transfer Officer Dale Evans into a prince of Fairy Island? Who is worthy to marry Princess Pamela of Fairy Island?" "Yes, of course, Madam Mother Nature!" They all readily agreed. "Then let the permanent and everlasting transformation begin. With the completion of this second transformation, the memory of Prince Peter of Fairy Island will be done! I now will transform Officer Dale Evans into Prince Dale Evans of Fairy Island. I hereby approve of their betrothal and matrimony!

Love as always!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

November 02, 2017

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