Princess Pamela of Fairy Island Part Six.

by Roxanne Dubarry


Evil thoughts, words, and deeds have their own consequences.

Prince Peter did not repent of his evil actions. He was only sorry

for himself. He had already proven himself to be cowardly as well as evil.

Because of fairy Prince Peter's magic mirror, the Clauses were able to uncover, his diabolic mass shooting assignation plot. Prince Peter was on the rooftop of the city's highest building. The air traffic flying above the building was unable to observe him. He had made himself invisible to the average human eyesight. He had zeroed in on his targets and was about to fire his semiautomatic weapon upon the crowd of people on the crowd below him. Prince Peter was filled with murderous rage and revenge because Princess Pamela had rejected him. First, he would take revenge on the human population, next, we would assault Fairy Island. He would dethrone King Paul and Queen Rachael of Fairy Island. God's adversary is also the adversary of people. His name is Satan, and he was watching with evil delight Prince Peter. "Truly, he is a fairy prince after mine own heart!"

Santa and Mrs. Claus appeared on the rooftop where Prince Peter was located. "Prince Peter, you will not fire upon the crowd below us!" Santa Claus harshly glared at him. Prince Peter was not invisible to Santa Claus and his wife. King Paul and Queen Rachael also appeared to justly condemn the evil prince of the forces of death and destruction. "Prince Peter, first you wanted us to sentence Princess Pamela to the human world. You also desired her to have no contact with her fellow fairies. You practically commanded us to have her removed as princess of Fairy Island!" exploded King Paul and Queen Rachael. "We will not unleash you upon the helpless people of the human race!"

"What is the sentence you want to carry out, Princess Pamela." "I agree with you your majesty's. Humans have enough problems with each other. Prince Peter has proven himself unworthy of the title of Prince. He, therefore, should surrender his claim to your thrones through our marriage!"

Sammy the elf and Officer Dale Evans were also present. "I am the chief elf officer (CEO) of Santa Claus's working elves. The Clauses and the rest of us wish to forever banish former Prince Peter from the North Pole!" "Since I have fallen madly in love with a Fairy Princess, I wish to serve her as her servant. I am unworthy to marry her because I am a mortal man and not a fairy prince."

"For the past centuries, I have been forced, against my own will, to serve evil beings! I refuse to serve former Prince Peter. I will pledge my allegiance to faithfully serving King Paul and Queen Rachael. The magic mirror hereby made his own declaration of independence.

"My sentence is more than I can bear! I have been banished from three different realms. I have lost my position and authority as Prince of Fairy Island. I cannot wed Princess Pamela. A mortal man, a mere underpaid public servant, a rookie police officer has declared his love and devotion to her! What must become of me! If I perish, I perish!"

Love as always!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

November 02, 2017

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