Princess Pamela of Fairy Island Part Three.

by Roxanne Dubarry


The third part of my fairy tale ends with officer Dale Evans's transformation into a fairy prince.

"Welcome to the North Pole, officer Evans." Santa Claus shook his hand. "I must be either dead, crazy, or dreaming! Everybody knows you don't really exist!" "The most important people in the world believe in me. They are the little children." "Why am I here?" We decided it would be a good idea to bring you here," smiled Mrs. Claus. "After all, you were an eye-witness. You saw both Sammy, the elf, and Princess Pamela of Fairy Island." "Wait for a minute. I saw two regular people disappear!" "They were both disguised as humans!" Suddenly Officer Dale Evans turned around. He saw Sammy one of Santa Claus's working elves, in his red and green costume. What he beheld next took his breath away.

He saw the most beautiful young fairy princess, Pamela. She had thick long flowing black hair and dark brown eyes. Her head was adorned with a sparkling diamond Tierra. Her fairy wings were of purest gold. Her body was tall, slender and graceful. Her floor-length dress was of multi-colored silk and satin. Her shoes were of gold speckled with precious gems and jewels. Her wings emitted sparkling and shimmering lights. In her right hand, she held a magical wand. He was completely captivated by her splendor and majesty. In other words, he was both motionless and speechless. Why would a fairy princess be interested in him?

Prince Peter of Fairy Island instantly appeared in a wide spectrum of light rays. He accused officer Dale Evans. "Princess Pamela, why are you interested in this mere human!" "He is not even rich, powerful, or of any importance at all!" "She did not bring him here! Prince Peter this is the North Pole, not Fairy Island! You will please conduct yourself accordingly or leave at once! I am the one who brought him here, at it is not of your concern!" Santa Claus was angry. Prince Peter seemed to have that effect upon Santa Claus as well.

"I will never marry you, Prince Peter, even if you were the last fairy on Fairy Island!" "Quite frankly, my dear misguided Princess, I could care less. I don't want to marry you either! But if I cannot have you, nobody else will. You have been warned! Prince Peter vanished in a blaze of hostile glory. "Thank goodness he is gone!" Sammy, the elf gave a sigh of relief. The whole scenario was too much for officer Dale Evans to take. He did the only thing his body would let him do, faint.

Officer Dale Evans would put on a stretcher and carefully laid in a comfortable bed. Sammy the elf covered him up and turned off the lights. The young rookie police officer found himself in dreamland. In his dream, he saw Princess Pamela. He also saw himself as a fairy prince. When he awoke Princess Pamela was there. "I love you, Dale Evans, too much to lose you!" She waved her magical fairy wand and transformed him. "I love you too, ever since you broke Sammy's eyeglasses!"

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

October 26, 2017

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