Back in Time: Chapter 2

by Lydia Bowers


Logan is just a normal girl from a small town in New Zealand, no one special. Or is she?


"There's a girl"

A voice spoke in the wind, and the words echoed throughout the whole forest, waking the tree's that had been asleep for so long. Oaks stretched their limbs and maples creaked and groaned as they swayed in the wind. All of the tree's in the forest opened their eyes and gazed around, for the first time in a long time. But there was one tree, in the heart of the forest, who did not wake. It was the lone Willow tree, that was destined to be silent. The wind ran through the tree's branches and leaves, whispering words.

"She's crying, comfort her"

The tree's watched on silently as the girl ran past them, they were all ready to open their roots for her to sit. But they soon realized that she wasn't heading for any of them. She was heading toward the Willow tree. The wind noticed and swept toward the girl, ready to make hard winds, to turn her around. But then it stopped. It looked on for a moment before disappearing through the roofs of the forest.

"She's the one, make sure she gets the things she needs"

The wind whispered the last words with a sigh. And then all was silent, except for the girl's sobs. The tree's swung back and forth rhythmically, bracing themselves for their transformation in a few hours. They had all been through this before, and the time had come again. And this time, they must not fail.

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