The Fairy Princess Part Two.

by Roxanne Dubarry


What will be their experiences at the North Pole?

Princess Pamela of Fairy Island was right about Prince Peter. He not only proud but vain as well. "How dare she ignore me! How dare she refuse to marry me by running away to the crazy, mixed up human world. Some of the humans are even confused about what sex they are!" "Peter, technically we can't force our daughter to marry you!" shouted king Paul! "You can disown her! I have got it, threaten to lose her claim to the crown!" Peter loudly crowed.

The eyes of both the reigning king and queen were finally opened. They saw Peter through the eyes of their own daughter, Pamela. Queen Rachael replied, " We will not disown our daughter! We do not blame her for not wanting to marry you." "We know she forfeits the throne if she decides to marry a human!" shouted King Paul. "Humans may be a crazy and mixed up race! But you are much worse than most of them are!"

"If she decides to live among the humans, she should be forced to become one!" declared high and mighty Peter. "No, she may not lose her fairy powers or contact with her own kind! I am king of Fairy Island, and you Peter are only a Prince!" "She will still be a fairy princess, but she will never be queen!" Peter wanted to have the last word.

"And you Peter will never become king. You have proven yourself to be completely unfit to be king of Fairy Island. Queen Rachel and I have the authority to crown the next king as well as the queen." "Peter was speechless for the first time in his life. It was a relief to both the king and the queen. They dearly loved their eldest daughter, Pamela. They wondered how she was doing in the human's world.

Pamela was wondering how her parents were. Sammy the elf contacted her. Why couldn't she contact Santa and Mrs. Claus? She disappeared and reappeared at the North Pole. The young police officer had witnessed both of the mysterious vanishing acts. In doing so, he became separated from his partner. What kind of people were the two of them? He could never file an incident report! He could never tell his partner, nor fellow police officers! They would think he was crazy!

Santa and Mrs. Claus were the eye-witness of the whole scenario. They were gazing into their own snow globes. They were not taken by surprise when Princess Pamela decided to visit them. What were they going to do with the policeman? He had observed both Sammy and Pamela vanishing into thin air. One minute the perplexed young man was walking along a crowded city sidewalk. The next minute he found himself at the North Pole. The experienced partner was clueless. He couldn't find his rookie partner anywhere. And he was responsible for him!

"Did anybody see what happened to young Officer Dale Evans?" he asked the crowd of people, who could not even hear him. "Maybe he was kidnapped!" Honestly, he was kidnapped by the Clauses.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

October 19, 2017

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