by Anand Jay


Following a conversation with a close friend of mine, I came to realise people's mindsets tend to relfect the four seasons (which, thanks to global warming, are slowly becoming two).

In the cold of winter the darkness allows our minds to become much more imaginative, and our dreams rule our thoughts. When spring arrives, we watch the world come to life around us, inspiring us to search for a fresh start. Summer is the time for freedom and we spend as much time as we can outdoors, exploring new places and rekindling old friendships. Then the year comes full circle and autumn becomes a time to reflect on everything that has happened over the past year, preparing us to go full circle again.

Four Seasons

Minutes, hours, days and months, time flies faster than anyone wants,

Throughout the year the changes we see, we learn to appreciate collectively,

So prepare yourselves for an extravaganza, for the words written in the next few stanzas,

Will take you on a journey sure, to understand the seasons four.


It all begins with the fall of cold dust, brilliantly white like an elephants tusk,

Shapeless flakes to the naked eye, but at closer look the magic intensifies,

Moonlight sparkles on the icy floor, the darkness allows our minds to explore,

For Winter leads us to the warmth of our beds, where imagination is ripe and creativity spreads.


Soon the snow melts and small shoots prevail, green heads rising to continue this tale,

The trees which long lay frozen and bare, are covered head to toe in leafy green hair,

The birds return to rebuild their nests, and prepare their young for life's upcoming tests,

For Spring is a time to freshen the mind, a time for old and new combined.


The cold and the wet take a backward seat, as life now gives you its greatest treat,

Freedom becomes what the world is about, and for a few short months inside becomes out,

Yellow, orange and all shades of blue, the colours are bright and our minds are too,

For when Summer comes and reigns supreme, happiness glows nothing in between.


The year now comes back around the bend, but fear not for beauty is not at an end,

Bright green leaves change to orange and brown, the forests are alive with strange new sounds,

The forgotten wind comes back with a puff, to chill the air when warmth has had enough,

And Autumn is a time to start things over, for we are much wiser and another year older.


I hope you have seen in this short tale, that time can go quick or as slow as a snail,

Four seasons come and then they go, but each of them puts on a fabulous show,

So remember this when a year is done, think of the future for it has just begun,

Because in the end when time is gone, your body decays but your memory lives on.

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