The New World of Eden.

by Roxanne Dubarry


I have decided the New world of the planet Eden, would not be ruined by Satan. He has had too much enjoyment out of trying to destroy Earth.

The original garden of Eden existed in the Old Testament book of Genesis. Adam and his wife Eve lost permanent access to their earthly paradise by partaking of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. One reason they were expelled was to prevent them from eating the fruit of the Tree of Life. If they would have been allowed to do so, mankind would have shared the same status of the fallen angels. God, of course, could not have allowed for this terrible thing to take place.

This is not the original Biblical story. Hence the title, "The New world of Eden." My fictitious tale begins on an entirely different planet than Earth. It is populated by more than one man and one woman. The people were also created in the image of God. He created their world and the plant and aminal kingdom. Truthfully this new planet exists solely in the imagination of its female author.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve were created without original sin. Adam was created from the dust of the earth, and Eve was created from Adam's rib! The first two people of the New world of Eden were created the same way. With one exception, God created the first man and wife at the exact same time and place.

What exactly do I mean? They were alive at the same time as Adam and Eve. Did both trees also exist in both worlds? Will we have to wait and see? On this different world, the first man was named Aaron and his wife was named Elaine. Both of them were clothed in fine white linen floor length robs. The white stood for purity and Godliness. In the cool of the evening, God would visit them.

"I am well pleased with how well you and your wife are caring and tending your garden." "My wife, Elaine and I are very happy with the paradise you have created for us." Aaron looked his creator in the eyes. No sinful human nature separated them. Aaron and Elaine did not hide from him because they were naked. God knew what Adam and Eve would do before they did it. It is the reason he planned for the redemption of them and their offspring. God walked away, he had just finished putting Adam into a deep sleep.

Did Satan know about the creation of the New World of Eden? He watched its creation with covetous eyes. Why was there no similar trees in God's second planet? Was God aware of his plans for the deception of Eve? The answer was yes! Time quickly passed by on earth. Paradise was already lost for both Adam and his wife.

Both Aaron and Elaine were still living in their garden. They have a great time preparing for the birth of their firstborn son. Elaine did not suffer trevail in her childbirth. Aaron did help her while all the hosts of heaven and Hades watched. The heavenly angels were rejoicing and praising God. Satan and the fallen angels were angry. "Why did you not place the same trees on the New Eden like you did earth?" "You already know the answer to your question." "How will you know they will remain loyal?" Michael and the armies of heaven remain loyal to me unto this day!"

God knew both Aaron and Elaine could not resist temptation any better than Adam or Eve. Therefore, he decided no such loyalty test was necessary. Both Aaron and Elaine loved him, and it was enough. "I want to thank you, God, for giving us the gift of creating new life!" Elaine smiled at God. Generations passed and both Aaron and Elaine were still alive. They were created to live forever in their brave new world. Where complete satisfaction and love exists, the tempter has no power. They both maintained their youth, old age did not exist.

The people worked, but not in hard labor. The animals and people enjoyed each other's company. Let's face it. People did not eat animals, and animals did not eat people. The sea creatures did not consume each other but lived in peaceful harmony. Houses were not necessary, the planet was watered with the mists of the ground. Noah and his family did not have to build an ark out of gopher wood and pitch. There was no rainfall, but there was a rainbow. It was a sign of God's love. A rainbow does indeed surround the throne room of God.

The heavenly angels walked freely among the people of the New world of Eden. The fallen angels and demons were not allowed access! Satan was furious! All God could do was laugh at him! The angels did not inform the people about what events were occurring on Earth. The people of Earth had no knowledge of the New Eden. Even if they did, they would not be allowed to contact each other.

It is now the 21st century on earth, scientific knowledge is rewarded and acknowledged through the Noble Peace Prize. On the New Eden, life continued as it had from its beginning. The people were happy and contented. They sang the songs the heavenly hosts taught them. They did not have to chart their family trees because they were all part of the same family. The birds flew with complete freedom. Not having to compete with humans violating their airspace. All of the animals were pets and not beasts of burden. Their heads were not displayed on the walls of poachers!

In the future, God will recreate both the heaven and the earth. Satan, his fallen angels, and demons will have not access. They will not even remain in the memory of the people of Earth. God will dwell among his people. He will bring his New Jerusalem down from heaven and place it on Earth. Time will cease to exist, and eternity will have only just really begun!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954/ Roxy 54/ October Country

October 09, 2017

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