Back in Time

by Lydia Bowers


Logan is a normal girl from a small town in New Zealand, no one special. Or is she?


Logan sprang off the diving board and into the water in front of her, her mind focused on one thing, winning. Her body cliqued into the rhythm of the butterfly and she propelled herself up and out of the water, her eye catching the figure of her competition as she did so. She pushed herself faster and faster, knowing that she could win this race, but doubt lingered in her mind. 'The wall!'

It was in front of her, about 12 yards away. She put all her energy into those last few strokes, her heart lifting when she touched the wall first. She surfaced from the water, and hearing the horn blare, smiled. She pulled herself from the water and walked toward her teammates, who slapped her on the back and congratulated her. Logan looked behind their shoulders and searched for her families faces in the screaming crowd ahead of them. Her smile turning to a frown when she did not see them.

"Well done Logan!'

Logan turned to see her coach smiling at her, his blue eyes twinkling.

"Thank's coach" she responded, trying to sound cheerful.

Her Coach jerked his head toward the locker room.

"You should go get changed, the teams going out for pizza"

Logan bit her lip. She had no desire to celebrate, even though her thoughts told her too.

"Uhh...I think I am going to go home. My parents have something special planned" she lied, avoiding his gaze.

Her Coach just nodded.

"We'll be sure to tell them that you were the star tonight"

Logan put on a smile.

"I will"

Logan squirted shampoo onto her hand and scrubbed it into her brown hair, that was knotty from being in her swimming cap. She sighed. Her Father had promised to come. 'He's probably working still' she thought sarcastically.

'Mother would have been here' she thought, her cheeks reddening.

She turned off the shower and slipped into her towel, her hands shaking slightly with emotion. She walked to her locker and placed a hand on the handle, expecting it to be unlocked. It wasn't. She struggled with it for about a minute before giving up. 'Great, how am I supposed to get my clothes?' she thought, leaning on the locker and closing her eyes.

"Logan, oh Logan!"

Logan immediately jerked from her thoughts, recognizing the voice. She looked around frantically for somewhere to hide, but it was too late. Two girls strode up, giggling and pointing their phones at her. Logan lowered her head, trying to keep tears from falling down her cheeks. It was Sandra and Vanessa, the most popular girls in the school, they were also bullies. Logan knew they were going to post this video on Instagram.

"Please go away" She whispered, trying not to show her face.

Sandra laughed and tossed her golden hair.

"Look Vanessa, she's crying! You know, she should get some better clothes, towels aren't very becoming"

Sure enough, despite her try's to avoid it, tears were streaming down Logan's face.

"Leave me alone" she cried, pushing past them and running toward the bathrooms.

As soon as she reached them, she ran into a stall and shut the door behind her. Sobbing, she sunk onto the toilet.

Logan slammed the front door of her house and stomped inside, trying to make a racket, hoping to disturb whatever her father was doing. She dropped her gym bag and walked into the kitchen, her stomach rumbling. She grabbed an apple and ran outside the back door, her thoughts jumbled. She took a bite of her apple and gazed around, relaxing as she saw the horse stable a few yards away. She strode up to it, searching for her horse, Ash. It wasn't long before she saw him. He was grazing in the middle of the pasture, his grey mane shifting slightly as he moved his thick neck. Logan's attitude lightened as she saw him. 5 years earlier her mother had bought Ash for her, against the wishes of her father, who thought it was too much of a responsibility for her. Logan quickly proved her father wrong, caring for Ash completely by herself, even with going to school and applying for the swim team. Logan's Mother, Pauline, was about to buy a second horse for herself, so Logan and herself could ride together, but that's when disaster struck. Pauline was killed in a car accident, a drunk driver swerved and hit the side of the car, killing Pauline instantly. Logan blinked. Tears were forming and she wiped her hand across her face, getting rid of any trace.

"Ash!" she called out, her waving the leftover apple core in the air.

Ash lifted his head and let out a whinny. He trotted over to her and she gave him the apple core. As he chewed it she ran a hand over his forehead.

"I won the race today" she confided, fingering a piece of his hair.

Ash did nothing, but Logan didn't expect him too. She usually came out to talk with her horse, rather him than her father. It was the same every time. He stood there, grazing silently, and she talked. He was just always there to listen. She often wished that she had friend who didn't do anything but listen, but she hadn't had much luck at making friends since her mother died.


Logan rolled her eyes as she heard her father's voice. She ignored it until he called out her full name, that's when she knew she was in deep water. She walked inside slowly, buying time. Her father stood near the front door, his face red. As soon as he saw her he pointed to her gym bag on the floor.

"How many times have I told you not to leave your bag on the floor?" he demanded, his blue eyes narrowed.

Logan avoided his gaze, her heart burning with rage as she caught his eyes. 'He doesn't even remember there was a race' she thought, clenching her hands.

"So?" her father continued, folding his arms.

Logan's anger turned to fury and she couldn't hold it back.

"So, I want to know why you didn't come to my race!" she burst out.

Her father's eyes widened and he ran a hand through his blonde hair.

"I'm sorry sweetheart" he said, his reaching a hand toward her.

"I just had a really important thing come up"

Logan batted his hand away and growled, her eyes narrowing.

"Don't sweetheart me, that's the third time you haven't come. Obviously your promises don't mean anything anymore"

Logan's father raised an eyebrow at her behavior.

"That's not fair. I came to the last one, in April!" he protested.

Logan stared at him.

"Dad, its June"

Her father opened his mouth and took another step toward her. Logan shook her head and stepped away.

"You were on a date, weren't you!" she exclaimed, her eyes starting to water.

Her father drew in a breath and a tear slipped down Logan's cheek.

"How could you forget her! It's only been 3 years. It's like your betraying her...Me!" Logan spit out, glaring at him.

Logan's father shook his head.

"No Honey... I..."

Logan clenched her jaw, he was stammering helplessly and waving his hands around franticly.

"Not this time dad" she whispered, turning and walking out the back door.

"Logan!" her father called after her, his voice sounding tight.

Logan ignored him and blindly started to run. She ran past the house and Ash's stable. She ran hard and fast. She ran to the only place where she could be truly alone. The woods.

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