The Son of Issac

by Lydia Bowers


What did Issac feel when he looked into Jacob's eyes? did he see his son or a liar?

The sharp cry of a baby ran out, echoing across the plain. A lone deer lifted its head, its ears pointing toward the noise. A tent lay in the middle of a clearing, the red fabric swaying gently. A man was outside, pacing nervously and glancing up occasionally. Sheep were in the clearing as well, baaing softly and munching on dry grass. Isaac smiled as he heard another cry. His child had been born. He walked into the tent, his heart pounding. His wife, Rebekah, sat on the floor, a bundle in her arms. Isaac squatted beside her, his robe touching the carpet covered ground. In his wife's arms were two small babies. Smiling, he took the larger one in his arms and examined him. He had red curly hair, that was as soft as a lamb's wool, and bright blue eyes. His son stared up at him, unblinking. Isaac stroked his son's cheek and glanced at Rebekah.

"I shall call him Esau, for he is as hairy as a goat" he said, smiling down at his newborn son.

Rebekah held the other baby tightly in her arms, her face filled with motherly pleasure.

"I shall name this little one Jacob, for he was born holding his brother's heel" She whispered, kissing his blonde hair.

Isaac looked up at her in surprise.

"Born holding his brother's heel? That is strange" he exclaimed, looking down at his other son.

A shiver ran down his spine as Isaac gazed into Jacob's blue eyes. They looked way wiser beyond his years. Isaac tightened his grip on Esau, making him cry softly.

"Rebekah, what did you say your dream was about. The one you had last night?" he asked, gazing at his wife.

Rebekah felt her heartbeat quicken, she looked up from Jacob and gazed into Isaac's brown eyes.

"Oh nothing, I forgot" she lied, averting her gaze away quickly.

Isaac licked his lips and gave Esau back to his wife.

"I must go tend to the sheep, I will be back as soon as I can" he whispered, kissing Rebekah on the forehead and glancing down at his twin sons regretfully.

Rebekah watched her husband leave the tent, her heart pounding. She looked down at her sons each in turn, her gaze stopping on Jacobs peaceful face. The words the angel had spoken to her flashed before her eyes.

'The older shall serve the younger'

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