by Anand Jay


She can be your salvation or your destroyer.

Is she considered important or simply an afterthought?

Does she deserve more respect from you given there is no more to be bought?

It is said that she makes fools of us but, can you really blame her?

Given every step we take towards her brings us closer to our maker.



As youngsters we have so much of her but is it too much of a good thing?

Did we ever consider her a partner or merely just a fling?

What we had of her was wasted doing things we didn't have to.

Building trust with people who didn't actually understand you.



There comes a point to take a back seat and re-evaluate.

You now understand her value and you begin to re-educate,

Yourself on what she can do and what's important in your life.

It can't be that my end goal is just to find a bloody wife?



So why not take a moment and look back upon yourself.

What skills did you have which you sacrificed, whilst chasing fame and wealth?

What was important when you were a child and you were encouraged to dream?

Was it talent, skill, an idea, or something that could have been?



The whole point is if you're reading this your mind is totally free,

To make the choices you once did and avoid catastrophe.

For one of life's biggest failure is to live it with regret.

Take your opportunities and live happily instead.



For one day everything will stop and all will cease to exist.

But it's never too late for you my friend to throw in one last twist.

So unleash it, reveal it, share it, and make your voice be heard,

Or contain it, hide it, and veil it, call it the deplorable word.



For time is who I speak of and she could be friend or foe.

But use her skills most wisely, and understand that she will show,

The meaning of life which to most is all a mystery.

But to me my friend it's a simple one, its opportunity.

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