Eternal Love Chapter 2

by Dr. Pran Rangan

Things were going on well with Laxmi and her son, when one day Abhay develops some fever, for which Laxmi consults her doctor for treatment. Suddenly, his condition deteriorates as Abhay becomes somewhat confused and get slight stiffness of neck. This worries Laxmi so much that she can't think straight and sends someone to fetch Rani, who suggests that they both should take him to the doctor they had consulted before. The doctor does thorough examination and concludes that he seems to have developed viral encephalitis. He advises Laxmi to admit him in a hospital outside Dharavi in its close proximity. They both take Abhay to the hospital without wasting time.

After admission in the hospital, the specialists assure Laxmi that he will recover soon as the infection is not severe. By the grace of Siddhi Vinayak, Abhay recovers fully after seven days. Laxmi thanks her lucky stars and later visits temple to pay her obeisance to Lord Ganesha for quick recovery of Abhay. Abhay has started calling Laxmi - Mom. When he called her Mom first, she was so emotionally moved that tears began rolling down her cheeks because of happiness.

There is smooth sailing for Abhay and Mom Laxmi. He resumes beginning to grow well after full recovery. Laxmi's life now revolves around him only; he represents all that is important to her, the rest being just immaterial. They both love each other, being very happy in each other's presence. Laxmi can't stand to be away from Abhay.

As soon as Abhay is four years old, Mom decides to admit him in a school. After some search, she could find a nursery school outside Dharavi in its vicinity, which she finds to be suitable because it's not much far. She takes personal interest as she is quite particular about his studies. After completion of nursery schooling, she admits him in a higher secondary school of good standing that is also nearby. Though initially the school administration shows reluctance due to her gender, the same NGO steps in to help Laxmi get her son admitted.

Abhay takes adequate interest in studies because of personal attention of his Mom. Being good in studies, he easily gets promoted to succeeding classes.

As he grows, he is made aware of her Mom's gender by his friends and schoolmates. In the beginning, he can't understand but gradually he comes to know oddness about her sexual characteristics that make her liable to social prejudice. Abhay sometimes is subjected to teasing and innuendoes about him and his Mom, which are so painful that at times he cries.

"There goes the son of a drag queen; he is also weird; he is not one of us." say his friends and schoolmates. Such remarks hurt him a lot.

Such unpleasant insinuations and innuendoes from schoolmates deeply imprint his psyche with a firm belief that his Mom is weirdly different from others. This upsets him most of time.

Whenever his Mom comes to school, he feels embarrassed because of reproachful gestures made by others about her. One day he requests Mom not to come to his school. She comes to understand the reason immediately and hugs him affectionately.

Laxmi tries to explain him, "Though people view me as something different from gender identity of male or female, I am personally not responsible for it as I am born like this. My genes, some hormones and brain structure are responsible for this. It will be utterly unreasonable to consider me queer because I too have emotions and feelings just like others. Those, who think that I am weird, probably don't have a true perspective of me as a human being."

Abhay can't understand fully what she tells but comes to know that his Mom deserves better treatment from others as a human being.

In spite of facing unpleasant remarks by many and hostile treatment by some, Abhay didn't lose interest in studies and always showed good academic performance, the credit of which goes to his Mom as she gives personal attention to him.

With the passage of time, he qualifies high school and then intermediate with good grades. Laxmi feels happy for her son and always thanks Lord Ganesha for offering him enough pluckiness to withstand unfavorable circumstances.

Laxmi at times is bewildered by an oddity in his behavior towards her, indicating that he too has developed an attitude of prejudice about transgender community. But she hopes that Lord Ganesha will help him change the attitude.

In due course, Abhay completes his graduation in management and also decides to pursue a post-graduate degree in management. By the dint of hard work and Laxmi's support, he also completes MBA degree in finance. Laxmi is very happy at his success. But when members of her community point out that he doesn't behave with her as a son should, even though she has left no stone unturned in making him a successful man, Luxmi gets engulfed by a cloud of gloom. Only Rani, who understands her predicament fully, is always there to help her overcome gloominess.

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