Her Magic...

by Savanah TheWriter

Crystal clear water with sunlight sparkles and hints of water lillies

Under the water was life

Tadpoles gliding from one muddy hole to another

Perch and Brim waiting for their feasts to fall from the tree limbs or jump from the grass

And there she was

A six year old beauty

With ratted sun-stricken locks of auburn

And deep brown eyes that had stolen the stars and kept them hostage

Her dirty bare feet danced near the pools of stagnant water

And she laughed while she played

She was absolute magic

She sang among the trees and she hopped with the Cardinal

She believed she could fly

I believed it too

She danced within the grass despite the hard to remove stains

She came to this place often

And she loved to see the day

But like all things come to an end, this fun will never stay

She will be summoned by a voice

And her magic will be put away

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