Who's in the Attic

by mr. anonymous

A realtor purchased an old house in order to renovate it and sale it, but soon realized why the house was in the market so cheap, and why no one lived there for a long time. As they started the construction, a lot of workers started complaining about noises and tools that kept going missing, but instead of being concerned, he told them that they are not forced to stay and work they could just leave. After a couple of days he realized that the workers would stop coming in, and if they came they were so paranoid that they would constantly kiss their crosses and say "El Diablo" which meant the Devil in latin. After some time the realtor started getting worried as well and thought that he should look into some research just to make sure what was really going on. He went to the library, and also through some archives trying to get some answered, and slowly realized that it use to be an Asylum where they had kept the most dangerous and mentally unstable criminals. He had also read an article about a fire that had occurred, and instead of running out of the Asylum there was a trash shoot or an elevator shaft that they forced the patients to go into the shaft promising them safety, but wanted to get rid of them as the nurses and doctor made their escapes. After the fire department got there, it was said that most of the building had burned but the shaft remained unharmed, so they opened it up and what they saw was absolutely gruesome. One fire man commented that before opening the shaft he felt like he could still hear crying and screaming for help, but there were no survivors, he also said that no bodies were ever found, sort of like they just disappeared.

At this point the realtor got chills all over his body, because one article stated that the bodies were pushed in the shaft as the fire was happening, but the other article stated that no bodies were ever found, sure enough there was some paranormal happenings in the house, because as a child he was told that if a body is not buried to rest, the person keeps reappearing and asking for a proper burial, some which were nice, but some that were violent and would forcefully make you bury them by any means necessary, and to make matters worse, it was multiple victims and all of the were mentally ill criminals, so whatever these workers saw or heard was bad enough to make them not come back to work. Suddenly he remembered that he had seen a chained door in the attic which at first he did not know what it was, but realized after these articles that it most probably was the elevator shaft entrance. He quickly drove back to the house and as he arrived he started to smell smoke like something was on fire, he quickly looked at the house but did not see anything burning, he did not pay much attention to it and ran straight to the attic and started cutting down the chains. As he was struggling to cut it he started hearing what seemed to be cries and screams coming from inside, although he was extremely scared and nervous he still cut the chains anyways and as soon as he opened it he felt a hot breeze hit him in the face sort of like opening the oven while baking something. Immediately he felt sick, and all he could do is just keep his composure and see what was going on, he asked a worker to give him a flashlight and he pointed inside the shaft, what he saw next startled the realtor.

He found human remains in the shaft, what seemed to be more than one skeleton, so he called the police department right away, but what was weird is that the tools that had gone missing were found with the skeletons. The realtor got nervous because there was no way anybody would be able to come and go because it was chained, he had to cut the chains to see what was inside, so who or whatever it was either had the keys to lock and unlock, or they came from inside the shaft. As he turned around to ask a policeman what may have happened, the policeman told the realtor that it has been the town's secret for a long time, and it should remain a secret always, he pulled out his pistol and shot the realtor and killed him instantly. He took the realtor's body and threw it in the shaft and rechained it again. Till this day nobody really knows what happened, and because of all the different articles and explanations it still remains a mystery.

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