Paranoia Maze

by mr. anonymous

Stuck in a maze,

blinded by haze,

on a major chase,

trying to find faith,


but I keep reaching a dead end,

doubt in my head,

am I asleep in bed,

or is this pretend,


this can't be real,

confusion I feel,

also major fear,

lord why am I here,


could the end be near,

if so oh dear,

I'm paralyzed can't steer,

I think I need beer,


beer makes me cheer,

drugs got me numb,

I'm still young,

so I act dumb,


it's not a crime,

to have good times,

tequila with lime,

you only get one life,


but still I'm in a maze,

still blinded by haze,

still I'm on a chase,

still trying to find faith,


I must be stoned,

because I'm at home,

my mind is playing tricks,

as I'm taking another hit,


this is strong shit,

oh what a fix,

drinks that I mix,

I should probably sit,


can't walk straight,

walking like zig zag,

it was all just a high,

but now I'm back,


where is my other stash,

I need some more hash,

where is my cash,

hope I don't crash,


I'm just paranoid,

I need another drink,

wasting time just to think,

eyes dilated like a permanent blink,


I'm just imagining all this,

talking nonsense,

these drugs are so intense,

now it makes sense,


I'm not in a maze,

nor am I on a chase,

this haze I exhaled,

so I'm just high.

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