Growth Pill (Comedy Skit)

by mr. anonymous

I went to the doctors the other day right, first thing the doctor told me is "you gotta' watch your weight." I'm like dude you don't even know what I'm here for yet. I was there literally 30 seconds like seriously dude? Anyways I went there to ask about steroids for my growth true story, I told him how all my friends have facial hair and they're always so happy and energized and they always talk about trying this style and that style of beard making me feel like crap. You know what the doc told me, he just looked at me examining me by staring at my face and at my stomach no joke, you know what he told me? "If you grow anymore than this you'll explode." I'm like you son of a bitch. So anyways he prescribed some pills to me called lipozene, at this point I was just really excited that I would finally be able to style my beard to, wish I knew what lipozene really was. For anyone who may not know what that is, it's a very shitty pill literally. You gotta' take the pill half an hour before consuming anything right, first bite you take you better find the nearest restroom around you. First couple of days I was like okay maybe it's just part of the process, maybe I gotta' shit 5 times a day till I see it's true purpose you know, 1 month passed right on a Friday morning I just got up one day and asked myself as I was taking my morning shit and piss like I don't see any facial hair results so I made an appointment to go back. First thing the doctor said was "seems like those pills really worked." I told him what the hell was that pill it was making me dudu a lot, he looked at me and started to laugh, what he told me was absolutely priceless, he said "I give you the good shit." So all this time I was taking a damn dietary supplement thinking it was a growth steroid to help me get a damn beard, so much for that.

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