Holy Father of Darkness

by mr. anonymous

Consumed by darkness,

which haunts my mind,

but it's too late now,

and I can't rewind,


my past wasn't nice,

and there is no need to lie,

a life of nightmares

left my heart cold as ice,


yes I asked god for help,

but he wasn't there,

so I asked the man down under,

and he showed himself,


he asked me for a sacrifice,

just a simple request,

I gave him my soul,

and he vanished away,


I felt relieved,

and I felt so free,

it's been quite sometime,

I can finally be me,


little did I know,

it was all just a test,

to see my patience,

but I had none left,


but it's a new beginning,

so I'm starting fresh,

new life and purpose,

so it's time to avenge,


darkness took my mother,

it nearly took me too,

but I was resurrected,

so I know what to do,


I was haunted by darkness,

far too long,

now I hunt darkness,

and I'll be going in strong,


I am dead already,

because I got no soul,

so I can't die again,

but I'm filling in the holes,


oh holy father,

yes I prayed to thee,

but now I must seek revenge,

with a killing spree,


I dedicated much to you,

but received nothing back,

therefore I shall gather strength,

and I shall attack,


oh holy father,

I have been consumed,

by darkness so sinister,

there is nothing you can do,


I have seeked assistance,

to keep me drenched with faith,

but you gave me no resistance,

so my faith has failed,


but I have hope,

as I tie my neck with a rope,

tears of joy in my eyes,

as I smile one last time,


the darkness was me,

because it was my ego,

latched on tight,

growing darker with time,


I realized the truth,

as I stared in my soulless eyes,

at my own reflection,

dead and emotionless imperfection,


I have much to learn,

but maybe in the afterlife,

as the stool under my feet bends,

I feel my soulless body being cleansed,


darkness ejecting out my body,

as I am gasping for air,

tears still streaming down,

but I don't care,


they say life isn't fair,

and yes I may agree,

now I pray to lord,

my soul to keep.

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