Keep Out

by mr. anonymous

As a young child we are usually curious to go on adventures and explore places that we probably are not allowed to go to. It still never stopped us as we jumped over fences and brick walls, or looked for holes or narrow spaces just to get into a scary looking house, building or a landscape. I still remember like it was yesterday we were at a park with family just trying to have some quality time, it was my family and two of my aunts and their families just relaxing and barbecuing as most people would do at a park. My cousin went wandering off and came back running just ten minutes later excited and rather scared. He told me and my brother that he had found an open sewer system of some sort, and was really excited to go check it out but he wanted us to go with him as well, me and my brother being the adventure freaks did not even give it a second thought, so we took off with him not notifying our parents.

We walked for about ten minutes going over some rather steep hills till we finally arrived at the sight were my cousin allegedly had seen the open sewer pipe. It looked scary indeed, there was a lot of greenery growing all around the sewer entrance, and believe it or not we could here slight noises coming out of it like something or someone was in there crawling around. At this point we were too scared to enter, but at the back of our minds we just thought we may have been hearing these noises because we were scared to go in, so we did anyways. As we started to enter one by one, each of us started complaining about a strange smell that was so overwhelming that it felt like it was burning the back of our throats. Luckily we came to find out that it was the smell of a plant and nothing else that may have been bad to see such as a dead animal or even worse a dead person. Without a doubt it would be a perfect spot to commit a murder and leave the body here to rot because it was such a deserted area that you would never even bother to check in or outside of this sewer. As we started going further and deeper into the sewer the air suddenly changed, it was getting harder and harder to breath and we felt a bit light headed due to the lack of oxygen but we were half way in already so it would take about the same time to turn back and leave or just to continue on, I wish we would've turned back, but unfortunately we didn't.

As we finally reached the end of the sewer tunnel we were so relieved to see light and be able to breath in the fresh air that we didn't even realize were we ended up coming. As we started to recover I remember my cousin saying "guys I don't think we should be here at all, I have a very bad feeling about this." Me and my brother started to laugh at him and started calling him wussy and what not until we started to look around ourselves. First of all there was a humongous red sign saying "keep out" and if that wasn't scary enough already there were lit candles all around with strange markings and carvings on the trees and walls all around us. On top of all that there was a name that kept reappearing everywhere we seemed to look called "Carny". My cousin suddenly felt very sick, and when we asked him what was going on he told us not to worry and that he was fine but his facial expression said otherwise. We started walking towards him when out of nowhere he just started to throw up, at this point we were extremely scared and worried because he must of seen or felt something that we didn't. As soon as he regained his composure he told us to look to our right side and tell us what we saw, oh boy do I wish I nevered turned to look. All over the ground was hair or it could've also been fur most probably but the worst part was that there was an axe that looked like had some old blood stains on it, this was the last straw for us because we had entered a sacrificing field or a death zone. We started heading back toward the park again to tell our parents what we saw, but my aunt was rather strict so my cousin told us not to say a word, and until today it remains hidden within us three.

That day after coming home, my cousin called me and my brother and told us that he had searched for that name "Carny" and what he had found was very disturbing. Carny was a cult's name for devil worshippers who sacrificed animals and in some cases humans as well. He also told us that if anybody was to speak about this, that they had eyes and ears everywhere so we would have to remain silent. It was an underground cult that many people never heard about thanks goodness, but they had multiple members scrambled all around, casual everyday life people that you would never even know might be involved which made it much more uncomforting to us. It could've been our neighbors, it could've been our teachers or mailman, anybody who was willing to make a sacrifice could join their cult. Till today we have been quiet about this unforgettable day, but we never recovered fully after seeing those disturbing things and learning about the disturbing things these people are and were capable of. I have been searching for more answers, but it has been about ten years now and everytime we drink we talk about it but the uneasy feeling of being heard or seen still haunts us till today.

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