Yellow Friend

by Karthikeyan Palanivel


Forest bring rain, stop deforestation and reduce the risk of lack of water. This is the prime slogan of this story

     Once upon a time, there was a village in INDIA called as NAGALAND and it was one of the pleasant to live because the village was totally free from dust, pollution and even it was totally free from concrete buildings though the village was not well developed in the technology field it was really a good eco-friendly place. Many of the people in this village used to involve them in agriculture and so the whole village resembled like a green carpet. The cleanness of the village will catch anyone's eyes.

      There lived a boy whose name is VIMAL he had an age of 8 and he was actually doing his schooling at that period and his father was a carpenter and his mother was a home maker. He had a great friendship with a mango tree which was his best friend from his childhood days and he always used to spend his maximum of time with his only friend and at the same time his friend deliver everything to him, it gives it wood to his friend's father for making carpentry works and gives its leaves for him during his childhood days to perform dramas in stages, VIMAL always used to call his friend in the name of YELLOW FRIEND.      

      Years are started to roll on and now Vimal finished his 12th standard with a great score and now it's time to go to college he has to move away from his village so he was totally upset because of leaving his friend so before the day he went to his college he met his friend and cried heavily before him as a reply his friend told that he would wait for him till he returns from his college then Vimal took a photograph of his friend and he went to his college, In his college he daily used to see his friend in that photograph and he recall those old days, at the same time he studied well and finally he came out from the college with a work in his hand.

      Now it's a time to come back to his village, he was very much excited to see his friend after several years. While he was returning to his village he noticed a lot of development in his home town, he noticed several buildings and vehicles everywhere but he also notices that the pollution surround his village in large scale though he thought about these things his mind was totally merged by the thoughts of his friend. Finally Vimal drop his legs on his motherland and he rushed towards his friend's dwelling place with heart full of joy but there he able to observe a great shock that his friend was not there instead of his friend he able to saw a great tall building stand before him and got totally shocked he notice the words "ECO FRIENDLY" he stood for a long time and finally bust out himself by crying loudly and he knelt down on the ground and at that time the soul of mango tree came there and said "DONT CRY MY DEAR I AM JUST A PIECE OF SNACK FOR THEM, IF THIS WILL HAPPEN FOR MORE THAN 5 YEARS THEN THE MANKIND ALONG WITH US WILL BE DESTROYED" Vimal cried in loud, at that time his friend's soul slowly vanished and the tall building fall in his eyes.

                                                                                                                                                  -KARTHIKEYAN PALANIVEL

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