In His Arms

by Southern Cloud


Love ultimatum...... Enjoy............

It was in-fact a deep relationship. A very deep and centuries old one.


Romantic love.

That was the core of their relationship.

It all started with He listening to her. There were not much people to listen to her. Not many took her seriously. She was one of that silly kind. Shallow one. So she started to speak to Him.

He listened.

He listened carefully and gave her His advise when ever she asked.

She was considering Him as a friend even though He was in love with her silently. So she thought it is not wrong if she went with other men. It hurted Him of course. She tried and failed to find love in her relationships with other men. Every time she cry to Him about how she failed. He quietly listened and consoled her. One day she told Him that she hate the word 'love'. "There is no more love left in me to give anyone" finishing her wine she said to Him.

He smiled, touched her shoulders and whispered to her that He love her. She replied to Him that she already know that. Then He told her that it is not how she thinks. He has romantic feelings to her. That was shocking. She never expected that He would say that. He knew everything about her. So she was not sure how to reply Him. She said softly to Him that she too love Him. His face lite up. He heard what he wished to hear for long time. He hugged her tightly. His crown of thorns was touching her cheek. It hurted her. But deep inside she had filled with joy.

Every time she calls, He was beside her. She thought of gifting him flowers.

when ever she cries, she had an opportunity to gift Him flowers. Red roses.

She safely paced those flowers near His Chalice. So that He would see it every day when He come for the banquet. Whenever she filled happiness in anyone hear she used to gift Him white roses. one of her favorite. He loved those flowers and she kept sending Him. But sometimes she hurted Him. That is all part of a relationship, right?

He kissed her often. It filled her with pleasure. When ever He kisses, the thorns in His crown touched her forehead. Tears used to roll down her cheek during those times and she cherished those wounds. Those wounds kept her alive. She was alive in the valley of the dead.

People around her never realized it. They kept criticizing and tried to make her feel low. They never knew that she and He was exchanging flowers. They kept judging and punishing her. But she was in His arms.

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