Disaster, Chaos Yet So Peaceful!

by Zul


I don't dream every night but when I do my dreams are intense. This one is a dream I will never forget and I wanted to share it because I do believe dreams have meanings we just don't know what they are and everyone interprets it differently.

I was driving the day was sunny, which is unusual here it seems to always be raining I thought to my self anyway as I drove on the freeway I was enjoying the scenery. It was beautiful! There were three huge mountains and green trees all around some birds were flying over me then I looked over to the car next to me and there was a women crying as she was driving I thought I hope she's OK. I looked to the car in front of me when I feel the ground shaking, my car is out of control and I see cars in front of me crashing into each other, some flipping over some driving off the freeway I keep thinking this is so terrifying, What is going on? Then I hear a loud explosion then another and another, I look around and see the mountains erupting and I can see lava flowing, smoke filling the air, the birds are flying away I do a full turn and see fire all around me, people hurt some bleeding some injured and some dead. I can see my chest going up and down and I can hear my breathing; I am so scared! I don't know what to do I just keep hoping everyone is OK then as I have that thought I start to float going higher and higher I look around me and everyone one there starts to float as we get higher and higher we go over the mountains there is a feeling of peace and joy. I look to my right and I see the woman who was crying in her car and she is smiling. The feeling I have is so amazing there is no pain just happiness and joy but above all there is such peace. I can't even explain how much peace there is I look down and see all the chaos the cars turned over, the car accidents, the fire, the lava running down and destroying everything in its path but the feeling of peace is still with me and I see all the people floating even the bodies that were dead looked like if they were sleeping and having a pleasant dream, you can see a smile in everyone's face. Then as we all go higher and higher floating away I wake up and realized I was dreaming. I tried to fall back asleep but I couldn't then all I could think about was if only everyone could feel that peace we all now the world needs it.

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