by Mustafa Hesham

I've always had this idea that my life is fixed or confined. Every day I wake up in the morning, with a male voice inside my head; a narrator telling me what to do in details. And the irony lies within the part in which I exactly do what I'm being told without any second thoughts. My world is so small and kind of limited to three places and I don't know for sure maybe my time is limited too. Though I can't determine my acquaintance of my existence or of this term ''the real world'' which I keep hearing in my head by this narrator and how it's different from my world, somehow I unfolded the cryptic possibilities that sprawled beyond my own consciousness and realm. It's your voice I know, isn't it? Stop or I WILL STOP YOU.

I'm David White, I'm a writer, when I woke up in the morning to finish a Novel I'm working on, I heard the words above said in my head by a male voice with a very firm and clear tone.​

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