Same Old Shit, Just a Different Day

by Matt Triewly


As per the title...

Same old shit, just a different day.

We've all heard that expression, and possibly uttered it on occasions too, normally with reference to work, and if you take the trouble to get to the end of this blog you'll find it's kind of true.

Anyway, this morning I got up and after breakfast went through the usual routine of shit, shave and shower, only today I added a suit to the three S's because I was going for a job interview. Or thought I was going for a job interview. But when I got to the job centre it wasn't actually an interview at all, it was more like a seminar thing. And what's more they'd even lost my application form which I'd spent over an hour filling in a couple of weeks. And not to mention the postage I'd spent on it too <all of a sudden I seem to be hitting the keys on my pc harder> So, whilst the woman was explaining what the Company was all about I was given another application form to fill in which I balls-upped by attempting to listen to her as well - schools attended in the qualifications column and vice versa. Not only that I didn't have any professional qualifications they were looking for either. I don't know why I bothered!

After that, I caught the 9 to Ryde and popped into to see Mum-in-Law for a cuppa followed by nipping up town to get some cards and things.

Whilst in the High Street I bumped into a former work colleague and had a chat with him, spent some money in a jewellers and whilst there was also enlightened to how a former pupil at my school had got his nickname - interesting.

I then nipped into the Co-Op to get dinner and realising I'd missed the 4 back home played with the idea of having a coffee in Costa (short for costa-an-arm-and-a-leg). Okay, crap pun, and as I did who should I see strolling up the High Street but Kim who was meeting a lady in there and suggested I join them, which I did, and I was touched by the lady who had been through a very tough time (I'm not going to say anymore).

After spending half an hour or so in Costa and straining to hear what everyone was saying it was time to get the bus back and once on the way home back I was thinking that no day is the same, you never know who you're going to meet and what's going to happen. Life is different. It's interesting, exciting, and that you've got to squeeze every last bit of 'juice' out of it. And at this point I became aware of an unpleasant odour, a rather familiar odour - dog shit. And it was emanating from the floor, from my foot to be precise. And it then occurred to me that dog shit never changes; it always smells the same; it has the same consistency; it always sticks to your shoe; gets into the tread... and then I thought, concluded, having had a very interesting morning that, yeah, 'Same old shit, just a different day', is actually rather true...

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