Funky Car Ride

by Chuck

We were driving down some road in the town we grew up in. It was me and my friend, and two girls that weren't that pretty. Though, they did like us for who we were, we thought, even though we had the booze to grab them along, and the stupidity that substituted for reckless balls and excitement. We were driving, and these four stupid kids in a nice white car pulled in front of us. What the hell was this, this surprise was unwelcome, though it was another piece of the day I was willing to give up to the gods of experience. So they all got out and came to my doors. The street was a live street and the cars that whizzed by must have wondered what domestic disturbance was occurring right then in their rear view mirrors. They asked if we were drunk, and I remembered we had driven recklessly a few blocks before hand. From the back my friend screamed he was and that they should shut the fuck up and go away. I apologized with a grin, and questioned them as they threatened the health of my car with their fists. It made no sense, what statement were they making. What fantasy were they living out, threatening a few good old kids commanding an automobile with ladies in it damnit. I was amused, and frightened, and they left, and I laughed. We drove some more, and I don't know what happened that day or night. But I do know that these people, these roaming psychopaths looking for kicks in a violent way, had skewed my vision of the open road for a good long time. The innocence of it all had been ruined when the faggots made their existence known. Another thing for me not to look out for, having no real reason to seek or be seeked out by them in the first place. A random event, on a random day, on that chosen road in that ungodly hour of unfocused rage and attempted humiliation scattered behind me, I could only toast them with the next drink.

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