Squeezing the Tenants Till Their Pips Squeak

by Matt Triewly


A rant

Nothing changes in this world. And least of all my cynicism.

Anyway, the letting agency for the place we rent wanted to come over and conduct another property check - they do one every 3 months - so they messaged me about four days ago to tell us they were coming over today at 1615. I messaged back to inform them that I might be working in which case it would be better to re-arrange it for 1830 which would be the latest that I would be back - reasonable I thought.

But they wouldn't do that time so said that they would come over at 1730 and could I ring them if I wasn't in - I agreed as I probably would be in.

Well, I didn't work and got back about 1600, listened to some music and dozed off. Next thing I heard the door being knocked and then knocked again whilst I got off the sofa - the time was 1715 and they were early. I shouted out that I was in but before I got to the door this guy let himself in which really annoyed me - arrogant cunt. He then asked me if I had any problems so I told him that we had some dampness and a dripping tap. He said it wasn't dampness just condensation and that we should open the windows more.

I showed him the open window.

I nearly told him that perhaps he was mistaking condescension for condensation but decided not to as opening my mouth in the past has sometimes caused me more trouble than it's worth. He also completely ignored my complaint about the dripping tap - it wasn't his money that was being wasted. He then inspected the shower and advised me: "It might be an idea to clean the lower tiles to prevent problems in the future." I resisted the urge to respond: "Might be an idea not to turn up early and let yourself in when I made it patently clear that I didn't want people coming round when I wasn't there!"

At this point I wandered back in the lounge as I could feel myself getting irritated - I did a test for psychopathy recently and scored higher than average which probably explained me imagining him tied down with the water from the dripping tap landing on his forehead as per the Chinese torture. But I would have billed him for the water used.

A few minutes later he let himself out.

I was seething.

I then texted Ju to fill her in on the details of the visit - she wasn't impressed either.

I just thought: It's all about the money with these suited cunts... maximum rent, minimum maintenance and repairs... and let's see if we can fabricate some evidence of damage to swindle the suckers out of their deposit too when the time comes!

Yeah, nothing changes in this great country of ours, squeeze the hard working and honest citizens till their pips squeak!

Rant over.

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