Her Tete-a-tete With Inner Self (Part 6) -

by Dr. Pran Rangan

Things were going on as usual between Rajni and Amit. One day when they both were having their tiffin together in the office during lunch break, Amit offered Rajni to have some coffee together in the food court of Ambience Mall. They agreed to do so on the coming Saturday evening. Time was not yet finalized but Amit promised to convey a suitable one to her a day ahead. Amit finally fixed it up at 7 PM after taking her consent.

Rajni was eagerly waiting for the day. She couldn't guess what was in his mind to arrange it unexpectedly. They both reached Ambience Mall as per their appointment. After greeting each other, they decided to do some window shopping first before heading for food court. Rajni once had thought of giving a gift to Amit. And when they reached the showroom of Titan Watches, she suddenly thought of giving him a wrist watch as a gift. She took him inside and asked to select a wrist watch for himself. Initially, he showed reluctance but on her persistence, he selected one. Rajni liked his choice because she was also thinking of going for the same. When Amit happily accepted her gift thanking profusely, she was very happy.

After getting seated for dinner, Amit asks her to place order for both, which she does selecting items carefully keeping his choice uppermost in mind. Before food begins to arrive, Amit picks up courage to propose her for marriage, not sure if it will be accepted by her. On hearing his proposal, her happiness knows no bounds. She readily accepts it, holding his hands. His uncertainty immediately vanishes into thin air.

During meals, he tells her, "I will consider myself to be very fortunate to have you as my life partner."

She reciprocates, "I will also be very lucky to be your wife."

While eating, they chat about many things. And his happiness is all too obvious during conversation. She suddenly becomes aware of her unhappy past with Sid, which she doesn't want to hide from him. She is in confusion whether to reveal it now or some other time. Noticing his ebullience, she decides to take it up some other time as she doesn't want to spoil his present happy frame of mind. Moreover, she is not sure of his reaction to it but thinks that he will show proactive response to it as he has a mature outlook on life. Finally, she leaves the matter as serious as this for tomorrow when they will have tiffin together in office.

After dinner, he hires a cab and drops her home before going back to his home. He decides that he will tell his family about it tomorrow.

On reaching home, Rajni straightaway goes to her Mom to inform her about Amit's proposal of marriage. Her Mom becomes happy on hearing it. But when she announces that tomorrow she will clearly tell Amit all about her unhappy past with Sid, her Mom's happiness dampens down.

She goes to her room to prepare for sleep. Lying in bed, she goes into conversation with her Inner Self.

Rajni: I am happy to get marriage proposal from Amit. But I will reveal my unhappy past with Sid because he has a right to know it before embarking upon a relationship as significant as marriage.

Inner Self: I fully support your view. You should do so without any hesitation because it will reveal a positive aspect of your personality. Moreover, a relationship based on the foundation of honesty and sincerity can survive all ups and downs.

Rajni: I am unsure about his reaction when I will reveal such an unpleasant fact to him.

Inner Self: I suggest that you reveal it fully without hiding any fact. Then relax without any kind of worry because it will generate negativity. Leave the outcome to the Universal Intelligence because it knows what is best for you.

When the conversation is over, she sinks into a restful slumber and gets up refreshed in the morning with ample energy to face the day. After getting ready, she leaves for the office with her typical self-confidence.

She goes about her work as usual in the office. During lunch break when she is alone with him, she reveals his past affair with Sid clearly telling all facts. As a result, there ensues an eerie silence that appears to be stretched very long. Both are not able to utter a word making its eeriness more uncomfortable.

But both soon recover their composure. When Amit begins to speak, it appears to Rajni as if his voice is coming from a distance. He takes her past in stride telling her that he also had an unsuccessful love affair in the past, going into its details. She then feels as if a heavy burden has been lifted from her heart. Soon both overcome their guilt of past and begin to eat their lunch tiffin. After it is over, they begin going about their office work.

After office hours, Amit takes her to a nearby restaurant for some coffee so as to discuss various aspects of future plans of their marriage. Above all, he wants Rajni to meet his Mom and sister to have their consent, which he is dead certain to get. So, they finalize coming Saturday evening for this purpose.

Rajni meets his Mom and sister in their home. His Mom instantly likes her. She finds her to be exactly the same as described by Amit. She tells her that Amit used to talk about her often, which came as a surprise to her implying she had already made a special place in his heart. They all keep chatting on many topics over coffee and some snacks. His Mom expresses a desire to meet her parents so that they can take the matter of their marriage forward. She asks Amit to fix up a date shortly for the purpose.

To be continued

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