Her Tete-a-tete With Inner Self (Part – 5)

by Dr. Pran Rangan

Rajni began to have a feeling of excitement of meeting Amit everyday while leaving for office. When he was delayed to office due to some reason, she used to get worried. She then used to begin thinking of some weird reasons for this delay and later used to silently laugh at her own foolishness.

Likewise, Amit also used to get worried when Rajni was late to office without prior information as most of time she used to tell him in advance that she could be late. This behavior of both seemed to point to the verity that they have begun liking each other.

One day Rajni asked Amit to give company for a cup of coffee in a nearby restaurant as she wanted to have a personal but informal chat, to which he readily consented. After office hours, they went to a nice restaurant.

Over a coffee, they chat about many diverse things, revealing their tastes and likings to each other.

Amit tells her, "His mother and sister, who is a divorcee, live with him. His father had died of a massive heart attack five years ago. His divorced sister is also MBA, working in an MNC in Gurgaon."

She tells him after knowing about his family, "She lives with her mother, father and a younger brother, who is pursuing an engineering degree course here. She further informs that her father is a retired IAS officer."

She decides that she will like her family members to meet Amit, though her brother has already met him once. Next month, the date of marriage anniversary of her parents falls on 10th so she decides that she would arrange a get-to-gether for close relatives and friends to celebrate it, to which she would invite Amit. She secretly talks to her brother about it, who readily offers to help her in every possible way. They decide to keep it on the hush from parents and others till all the arrangements are made. Soon they both plunge into making the necessary arrangements as only eleven days are left and a lot has be done by then. By a stroke of luck, they are able to make arrangements two days earlier.

As soon as arrangements are over, they both inform the parents that they are going to celebrate their marriage Anniversary on 10th by arranging a gala function in the evening. Then they begin inviting close and relatives friends.

One day earlier, Rajni informs Amit about the function, which he happily agrees to attend. On the day of function, Rajni takes a day off so as to supervise arrangements but doesn't forget to remind Amit about it.

On getting up in the morning on 10th, Rajni and her brother wish their parents Happy Anniversary. On the auspicious day, all the invitees begin arriving. Rajni makes a point to receive personally all. She eagerly awaits Amit, who happens to arrive a bit late due to traffic jam on the way. When he arrives, she excitedly runs to welcome him. She immediately takes Amit to her Mom and Dad to introduce, who also welcome him warmly. Amit looks for her younger brother around the hall where the function is being held. On spotting him, he goes to meet him; they both shake hands before hugging each other.

There is sizeable gathering including some VIPs and senior Government officials. All are talking amongst themselves. Amit also tries to mingle with some, although he hardly knows anyone there. Rajni's Dad walks to him, seeing him all alone and begins to have chitchat. He finds Amit quite amiable and knowledgeable about common things they talk about. Rajni comes to him now and again to see if he needs something, whenever she is able to take some time off from looking after others guests.

When Amit finds Rajni's Mom alone, he walks to her to have a small chitchat, during which she finds him to amiable and courteous. As women have better sense of intuition, she could assess that Rajni and Amit both have strong liking for each other. She can't object to it as he appears to a nice person with a professional qualification, holding a lucrative job in the same MNC as Rajni.

When dinner is ready, an announcement is made to welcome all to have to dinner. Rajni take special interest to see that he doesn't hesitate to help himself with dinner. She also directs her brother to assist Amit to take dinner properly. After dinner every one begins leaving, expressing thanks to the hosts. So does Amit.

After all have left, her Mom goes to her room to talk in private. Rajni could easily guess what Mom wants to talk about.

Mom asks Rajni, "Do you like Amit? He appears to be nice person."

She relies, "Yes, I like him very much; as far as I could know him, he is quite dependable and mature in outlook. He has conveyed to me that he is looking for a suitable girl for marriage. But I haven't tried to find out what all he is looking for in the life partner. I don't want to rush things but will definitely try to find out at an appropriate time."

Mom says, "I also find that he will make a good husband. I also advise you not to rush things as you have been deceived in the past."

After some more chitchat, her Mom leaves the room as it is time for her to sleep. Soon she slips into a deep sleep as she was quite tired due to hectic activity throughout the day.

To be continued

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