by Jordan Wellnitz

Have you ever wondered why you were chosen for this life?

Or if you were chosen for it?

Were we designed, and our lives then designed around us?

Or were we simply picked blindly from a hat,

and dropped into a random body, a random life?

Is it God, a deity in the guise of fate?

Or is it just random chance, with no one watching over us?


If it was chance,

if there as nothing, no one, out there,

I could minutely understand all of the suffering in the world.

I could comprehend children dying,

or people being pushed so far over the edge that they see death as their only chance.

Bad things would make more sense,

the chaos would be more understandable.


But if fate is real,

if God is real,

it doesn't make any damn sense.

All of the pain and suffering,

all of the genocide, homicide, and suicide,

it doesn't make sense.

God is supposed to love us,

at least the God I learned about is.

Why would He give us so much pain,

so much tragedy?

Why would He expect His beloved children to play the role of soldiers?

Now, I've been told that He doesn't give us more than we can handle.

But how could He expect some to handle so much,

while others handle barely any?

How do you reconcile your faith with all of the suffering?

How do you have faith when innocent people, children, are being molested and slaughtered

while the monsters who do it walk free?

Why does He expect so much from us?

And, to add insult to injury,

if your faith waivers,

or you even think about ending the pain...

You're no longer His child.


Why are we thrown aside for being human?

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