Her Tete-a-tete With Inner Self (Part 2) -

by Dr. Pran Rangan

Sid had joined Franknel Energy Limited at Hamburg after completing his MBA with flying colors. None of his friends knew what he had been doing because all were so busy in finding out jobs to settle down. Sid also didn't contact any of his friends to inform them his whereabouts in Germany. Rajni was first to know that he had joined Franknel Energy Limited as an Assistant Manager in the production department of their chemical unit when they both ran unexpectedly into each other, while Rajni was entering a mall. But despite the fact that she harbors no hatred for him, she was not much interested in knowing more about him because of his extremely self-centered behavior in the past.

Though Rajni came to Hamburg a fortnight ago, she started liking the city. She is impressed with concept of open spaces in the urban environment. She also greatly appreciates how well Hamburg has succeeded in maintaining a sense of old-world grace alongside its thriving commercial life. She also finds its climate refreshing especially its mild winters.

Sid had been working in the company for more than two years. By now he had settled down well in the present job. About after a fortnight of joining the job, Sid happened to go to the head office of the company on an official task. On entering, he enquired the lady receptionist about location of the office he was supposed to go. After getting the necessary information from the lady, he struck up a small conversation with her as he was badly smitten by her attractiveness. During conversation, he could know that her name was Agna. In fact, Sid had fallen head over heels in love with Agna. He made up his mind to possess her and, that is why, he used to try every ploy to meet her in person. To his luck, Agna started to respond favorably to his advances. Overtime, they developed a friendship. Agna also found him very attractive and charming. And their friendship gradually turned into a romantic relationship. They both began to enjoy the company of each other, often visiting places and eating out together. Sid tried a couple of times to develop physical intimacy with Agna but failed as his advances were politely turned down by her.

As time passes, their relationship takes on emotional intonation. And one day during one of those moments of emotional intimacy, they both succumb to their sexual impulse. Thenceforth, their relationship assumes a special significance for Agna but Sid always considers it to be a source of sensual pleasure.

Rajni had always been an active child, mingling up socially with other children and behaving well with all. She used to participate in most of events of sports activities in school. As she reached adolescence, she became a fitness buff. She regularly used to jog in the morning, squeezing out some time even when she had a busy schedule. She also was in the habit of hitting gym at least thrice a week. This routine has been persisting with her since then.

After reaching Hamburg, she looked for a suitable place to jog and found a nice public park nearby. She also liked to jog on the nearby wide streets with lot of refreshing greenery early in the morning, as Hamburg is called the greenest city of Europe.

One lovely mild winter morning, Rajni starts jogging well clad against cold on a nearby street. She covers some distance jogging on the pavement and as turns left along with road, she runs into Sid all of a sudden. She is taken aback and soon recovers, saying Hello. She keeps on jogging and Sid tries to jog by her side, which Rajni doesn't like but can't think of an excuse to get rid of him. Finally, she decides to go back without finishing her jog. Excusing herself, she turns back to her hostel but Sid continues his jog. While jogging on the way back, Rajni keeps mulling over if this encounter is deliberate one. But she can't come to a decision. Soon she reaches her place of residence and starts the usual ritual of getting ready for work but the question still dominates her mind. Somehow, she is able to push it away for the time she is preparing to get ready for work.

After reaching office, the question keeps on popping up in her mind. Unable to concentrate on work, she closes her eyes and begins to converse with her Inner Self.

Rajni: I can't understand why Sid has been following me as I have made it amply clear that I don't have anything to do with him.

Inner Self: I understand it. I have told you earlier that he doesn't possess a conscience so he doesn't have ability to understand your feelings. Just ignore it for the time being and watch how he behaves in future.

Rajni: I will definitely keep your wise counsel in mind and get in touch with you as soon as something new takes place.

After a brief conversation with Inner Self, Rajni could keep the mind still and concentrate on work.

Rajni gets quite busy in office routine as the project she has been working on takes most of her time. By now she has been able to make some friends, although she is not an extrovert. Most of her new friends are German girls working with her. She has also struck up friendship with a German girl, Sofia living next to her room in the same hostel. Sofia is quite amiable and also fitness buffs like Rajni, who prefers to take her along to most of her visits to markets and other places. Sofia was born and brought up in Hamburg so she is well familiar with everything in the city.

One fine evening Rajni was shopping for grocery in a super market along with Sofia. She ran into Agna there. It was a surprise having met her for the second time. Agna immediately recognizes her though their first encounter was very brief. Rajni introduces Sofia to her and then all three begin chatting. While chatting, Rajni notices some bruise marks on her face and left forearm, Rajni couldn't stop herself from asking about those marks. Suddenly, her eyes brim up with tears as she tells that Sid had hit her, narrating the whole incidence. She informs that Sid has recently developed an intimacy with a German colleague working in his department. When I objected to it, a tiff between us ensued and he hit me hard many times bruising me at several places.

Both Rajni and Sofia express their sympathy with her. Rajni wanted to give more information about Sid to Agna but refrained as her Inner Self had advised not to delve in her bitter past because doing so will bring back old painful memories.

After some more chatting about several well known theatres and musical shows in Hamburg - Rajni's weakness, they departed, promising to meet again shortly.

                                                                                                                                                            To be continued

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