The Planner

by Catherine Moscatt


This is a short story told entirely in list format.

I belong to a writing group and today the prompt was "lists" so this is what I came up with.

The Planner

Property of Clarissa Beddingfield

If found, please return to Gavigan Room 206

Please Do NOT Read

            October                                                             University of Scranton, PA

1. Ask to copy Ashley's English paper. Make up some reason you couldn't do it yourself

2. Call Devon. Do not let him know anything is wrong. Make plans for the weekend. Hint you'd like to go to Red Robin

3. Skip study group. Avoid anywhere you might see Matt

4. Research university code on sexual assault. Realize they can't do shit.

5. Tell Emily about Matt. Do NOT cry

6. Borrow money for the morning after pill. Which apparently costs $50 freaking dollars

7. Get Emily to walk you to the pharmacy.

8. Buy morning after pill

9. Renew medication

10. Or don't

11. Call Nate to wish him good-night

            November                                             University of Scranton, PA

1, Ask for extension on history paper

2. Apologize to Maura for puking in her car

3. And Ashley for puking on her dress

4. Meet with lawyer about Matt's hearing. Do NOT cry

5. Have Emily drive you to Devon's home to pick up things

6. Do shots with Emily (no puking this time)

7. Listen to breakup playlist

8. Secure alcohol for the weekend

9. Take medication

10. Or don't

                        December                         New York Presbyterian Hospital

1. Meet with team of doctors at a ridiculously early hour. Discuss release date.

2. Play Uno with other patients.

3. Call Devon. Hope he actually picks up this time.

4. Call lawyer. Ask for news about Matt's hearing. Do NOT cry.

5. Meet with parents. Tell them what happened?

6. Or don't

7. Actually take medication. In here, there is not much choice.

8. Or much to do.

January Pearl River, New York (aka home)

1. Meet with therapist. Remember its okay to cry.

2. Meet with DA

3. Attend River - River writer's meeting

4. Fill out medical leave form.

5. Take medication.

6. Actually take it this time.

One Year Later University of Scranton, PA

1. Write history paper

2. Tutor Ashley in math.

3. Prepare for court date.

4. Grab dinner with Nate. At Red Robin.

5. Get alcohol for the weekend.

6. Or don't

7. Take medication

8. Buy new planner

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