The Night Breeze

by Carlton Thorne jr.

The Night Breeze By: Carlton Thorne Jr.

One dark and gloomy night a man decides to take a stroll down the street. His foot steps echoed on the surface of the rigid concrete. Every step he took seemed like an eternity. The gravel weakened from the friction of the sole of his sandals. He felt rather dizzy as his robe dragged along making a swift sound from the night breeze. The foggy weather felt good as it moistened the surface of his dry skin. He closed his eyes because the feeling enthused him so much. He soon became disoriented and wandered into the middle of a highway. Unaware of where he was the man slowly pierced through his right eye and a beam of light immediately shot to his retina. Screaming painfully he grasped his right eye with one hand and fell to his knees. He waved his left hand into the air but it was too late. The man did not soon enough discover the brown Chevy headed in his direction. He leaned forward and the bumper of the car collided into his head. The reaction caused his body to fall backwards. The driver hit his brakes and skid over the corpse. Medical attention was notified and so was his family. His wife always said he had a problem with sleep walking and should see a doctor, but Mark never listened.

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