In the Woods

by The Zoe

Deep in the woods, far away from any known human life, lied one of the oldest houses to be in the land. In the house, a woman with years of talent in crafting spells, was never really seen by the people surrounding the forest. She had no friends, or any pets. She lived her daily life creating new plants, and nuturing her already growing children. She wished to nurture as much life as possible.

The woman at night, would tell her lonliness to the moon, and dance with her old classical music tunes. She would seem crazy to any human anyways. But her beauty was formed out of her natural down to earth essence, and spiritual intensity.

One night, she heard a loud noise outside of her house. She had never heard one like it before, or at least, for awhile. She looked out the window, to see a wounded man. He had blood covering his arms, and all over his stomach. He was grunting, and falling over. The woman quickly did what she thought best, to help.

When the man awoke he was getting taken care of by the woman. Bandages covering his wounds, and herbs of some sort placed all around him, and being made into tea. He was startled, and tried getting up. The woman pushed him back down. "You were wounded, I would let me help you if I were you." She said. It very strange for her not speaking for awhile.

After time the man began learning about the woman, and even falling in love with the spiritual witch. She was more of a goddess to him. He feeling much happier in his life living with her in the woods, than in the town, and to have horrible people pick fights with him. He wanted to escape, and die amongst the beautiful trees that night. To be saved by her.

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