by The Zoe


What is it like to be controlled, not know any better, and not know what is controlling you?

You awake in a dark room covered in a red substance. You do not know where you are, or who you are. Since you do not know these very important details, you've become controlled by the author known as I.

You get up from your laying down position. It is the recommended action, since laying there covered in blood could end badly for you. You are told to walk towards the large black door, from a unknown voice, since it is the only door, it is where you go. When you reach the outskirts from wherever you were before, you can see yourself in what seems to be a cube. It is competely white with no color.

You have to go inside the room, and are told to find a way out. Since you have no idea, I, the author, pushes you through the wall. Since well, as the author, I can do whatever I please with you.

You are now wondering if there is a way to escape. At least, that is what would make sense to think. But as soon as you notice that you are yet in another cube, except it being a different color than the plain white, you must realize there is no escape. You start banging on the walls, and screaming as loud as possible at whoever is speaking. Well, at me of course.

But I'm just the voice in your head, and you've been dead.

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