Life Is a Journey -- Learn as You Go

by Amanda Snyder

Life is a Journey --- Learn as You Go

By Amanda Snyder

Don't leave. Sally begged as William walked out the door. Sally had numerous thoughts enter her mind at one; life is too short to start over, to find someone to share your special moments with. "What had she done?" She didn't mean to upset him; she only wanted to explain how she felt. Why wouldn't he listen to her? Why did he always have to twist her words, misinterpret her words, why couldn't just listen to what she was saying. She had been trying to tell him, that always constantly picking on her hurt her feelings, but he took it as she was trying to change that she was. Sally had approached the subject again; sometimes she didn't know when to leave something alone. This time he was tired or listening to her bickering. He yelled, "Don't you know when to stop." He always knew what to say, and she always bursted into tears, she should know not to do that, all that ever did was make him even that much more upset.

William said, "That's it, I've had it." He stormed out of the living room, when to the bedroom and started packing his bag. Sally chased after him--- big mistake --- "Don't go," she pleaded. Pleading only made it worse. He got in her face and yelled some obscene words, which only made her cry worse. She knew that it was better to let him go, only she didn't know how. She loved him. She needed him. He was her rock. He was her angel. She was lost without him.

It was time to let him go. She thought she would plead with him one more time. "Don't leave. Sally begged as William walked out the door. William laid his key on the table walked to his truck and drove off without looking back. Maybe he needed to cool off, maybe he wouldn't come back, only time would tell. Sally cried herself to sleep, knowing in her soul that if he didn't' return she would have to find the power to release him and to survive without him.

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