Taylor's Bestfriend

by Shretha Bell

Taylor was an only child. He was often very lonely. He always wanted a friend. Not just any friend, but a best friend! Mom and Dad would't let him get a furry pet because Dad was allergic to fur. And mom didn't like fish. So Taylor spent most of his time playing all by himself. One day while outside playing the sandbox Taylor came across a worm. Not just any worm but an Earth worm. Taylor was very excited! He picked up the worm and put it in a box. He put dirt and grass in the box as well ,to make the worm comfortable. Taylor named his worm Jack. Taylor and Jack became friends , not just any kind of friends , but best friends! They liked to do the same kind of things , like play in the sand box , listen to Taylor's favorite songs and make mud pies and dirt cakes. They had so much fun together. One day while making mud castles with Jack, Taylor saw a pretty yellow butterfly One of the prettiest butterflies he'd ever seen. " I bet this butterfly would be a cool friend" Taylor said." The butterfly could chase me while playing hide and seek , introduce me to his caterpillar friends, maybe even teach me how to fly once we become best friends." Taylor was so excited about making friends with the butterfly ,he hopped up & took off running after it with a jar , leaving Jack in the grass all alone. Come here little Butterfly ,Come Back Little butterfly ! Taylor yelled! But the butterfly didn't come back . "Aw man !" Taylor said as he watched his new best-friend fly away. Suddenly , Taylor thought about Jack. He just remembered that they were playing and he'd left him behind. Jack ran to the last spot they were. But Jack was not there. He went to the box where he kept Jack. Jack wasn't there either. He went to there favorite hiding spot .Still, no signs of Jack. "Jack , Jack Where are you?" Taylor cried out. But Jack didn't answer. Taylor searched high and low for his friend but it seemed as if Jack was lost. Taylor was very sad. He sat on the porch with his head held down , all alone. He missed Jack already. "Who will eat dirt cakes with me now?" Taylor thought. It was getting dark and Taylor had to go inside. He didn't feel like laughing tonight. He didn't feel like doing anything because Jack was no where to be found. As Taylor entered his room , preparing for bed he saw a new shoe box on his dresser drawer filled with dirt and grass. And inside of the box was... Jack! "Jack how did you get here" Taylor shouted! "You scared me? I thought I lost you forever". Jack crawled on Taylor's finger as if he was excited to be reunited with his friend. Dad walked into the room explaining how he found Jack "I almost stepped on him when I came outside , so I picked him up and put him in an old shoe box of mine." "Worms can be really good pets Taylor ,but you have to keep an eye on them or they'll quickly get away" he said. "Thanks Dad, I sure will keep an eye on Jack. From now on , I promise Jack!" Taylor said looking down at his friend. "I'll never lose an old friend chasing a new one again ! Because having one best-friend is good enough!

The END!

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