The Long Way...

by Kunal Samadder

The Long Way...

It's too long...the way I go through,

Myself mere not, but we all,

And our predecessors might have gone too...

The way with many more turns, more hindrance

Sometimes smoothy, seeming soothy,

With few scintillating moments the way looks

More beautiful and hazardless.

But the illusion goes back when my inherent soul get the

Stinging pain through the thorny way;

The invisible thorns ne'er impulse myself shedding the blood,

But pierce to the corest part of my heart.


It's too long...the way I go through,

Meet people in different kinds, in different manners;

A few apparently be soft, or harsh,

Very professional - may be, with ethics o0r not.

I know not how to deal prudently,

Pretend more consciously, or much skeptically,

I do believe on the pretension of theirs,

And this is my fault, my sin,

My drawback - might be faintness.


I can't behave in the way that may hurt...

Holding back my grudges, even my agony...

Lest it makes others sullen;

I can't mock at, can't pour abuse

Lest they feel sad, can't leave away at perils...


I wanna remain what I used to be, and what I'm,

Preserving those things,

The boon, my grandparents had endowed me with...

I do pace forward consistently and relentlessly

With unchanged entity I had in my former days -

Those sweetie bubbling, tender inherent,

Transparent and very free speech with no intricacy...

And my parent ne'er admonished

For such silly, yet now blunder

Which they could have - I repent not and

Mingle myself with the sordid existence -

The reality and long itinerary...

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