Crazy Soul

by Kunal Samadder

Crazy Soul

The mirror of the heart, I'm crazy,

It's not me, but my soul,

My crazy soul always sought for the crazy beauty,

The beauty of hers, my loveliest Nature,

The spontaneity of her frisking personification,

My crazy soul sought for...


The ignited heart, the tender touch

The tricky inherent bubbling with no intricacy,

The ultra-naked thoughts of the life

My soul always sought for...


The thoughts of my soul always was in forlorn,

'cos the way my soul thinks,

This materialistic world doesn't move through...

But when I catch her smile at a glance,

I get everything in my particle life,

Get such tenderness,

The honest feelings, I do long for...

And my impeccant soul cries for the touchy heart,

I know not that I love, but wanna have...

I not kindle the latent desires of my heart,

But my soul that looks for her,

Looks for those alluring eyes,

Those tender lips with enchanted smile and

Her fairy presence may make my life worthwhile.


The budding flowers bloom to blossom

In the bosom of the Nature,

And she's the most beautiful and splendid creature of Hers,

That a very few can know,

Could discern her inherent epitome.

The sanctity of her heart, the hallowed place

Wherein an impeccant little child frolicking around...

That I know not, I feel not, I recognize not

But a childish frenzy heart could comprehend

The dormant anguish of a victimized lass;

Who knew to love, to make huff and pampers the heart.

None could know, none could feel her honest bareness,

Always gamed in the phony name of love, might in the lust

And she realized not, but my soul does,

At the every invisible pace,

And he's in craze, in true love, mustn't be in lust...

My crazy soul, just let me be valorous to love

As I do long for her...

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