A Harsh Reality of Life

by Dr. Pran Rangan

There are some incidents in our life that touch us so deeply that we cannot forget them and they keep popping up often on screens of our minds. One such incident occurred with me when my wife and I visited Bodh Gaya to see Mahabodhi Temple and other Buddhist monuments more than two years ago.

We were waiting for the train at Gaya railway station on our return journey. While we were sitting on a bench, a small girl of about five years of age appeared all of a sudden. She was holding a sturdy iron ring having an approximate diameter of one and a half feet. Silently, after showing the iron ring, she started the feat of passing her supple body through the ring after twisting it into many different forms and shapes. We as well as some others at the platform were literally mesmerized by feat, which she was doing gracefully with great ease. She was performing the movements of ring gymnastics as expertly as a seasoned gymnast.

After she finished her wonderful feat, I summoned her to me and gave Rs. 20. I patted her on the back and asked her name. She told it was Bindya and then left with happiness after collecting some more money from others.

True that she was doing this to earn some livelihood for herself and her family. But, in actuality, she had potential talent, which if nurtured properly, could be turned into great achievements in gymnastics. But I am sure she would lose her talent somewhere in life without achieving something substantial, while facing the uncertainties of life - a harsh reality indeed.

Like Bindya there are innumerable people, whose potential talents go waste without ever being realized!

In fact, everyone has some or other potential talent, which, in majority of cases, goes un-recognized, un-nurtured and un-realized. If it is recognized at all in some cases, it is not nurtured fully to fructify into an achievement due to many reasons. There are very few fortunate ones, who are in a position to nurture their potential talents so as to build them into real achievements.

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