Troubled Teen

by James Cosby


A counselor learns that a troubled teen has been abandoned by her mother.

"It's a warm and cloudy Monday morning in Sam a thirty eight year old youth counselor is wearing shades, a blue flight jacket, blue relaxed jeans and timber-lands. He's in his office talking to a troubled teen, her name is Amy Johnson, she's skinny, rebellious, wears black see through clothes, dark puma's, looks innocent and is always fighting for fun. He says Amy you can't keep going around starting fights. This girl's parents want to press charges against you. Are you listening to me, they can really press charges, says Sam. She shrugs her shoulders and popped her gum. Whatever, she says " I don't care if they press charges", they can send me to Juvenile detention or whatever. I'm fine and I'm cool with that, it won't be the first time someone sent me away. Amy, I'm not trying to send you away or have them do that. I want to help, maybe if you apologized and show some type of remorse for your actions. They would change their mind. Whatever, Mr. Sam, you sound just like my mother. She said those same white lies then she abandoned me and put me in foster care. My mother was a crackhead. She chose crack over me, she cried. He gives her a hug and says, You're mother loves you but addiction is a powerful thing. Amy, addiction takes over your mind, body and spirit. She hurt you and abandoned you. Whatever,whatever, Mr. Sam. I'm done with this, just abandon me like everyone else does. She rose up, wiping her tears, chewing her gum and sucking her thumb. He says I understand why you get in fights all the time. Why, she yells? It's because of the pain, she caused you. She sat back down and cried. He hugged her saying you need to break the pain cycle and make changes in your life.

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