𝓢𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓭𝓮𝓻 𝓐𝓶𝓪𝔃𝓸𝓷 𝓛𝓲𝓵𝔂 💔

by RobinRealDeal


She wanted to melt her thoughts into a little puddle Is this me and my shoulder. I see his shadow he felt my move my awareness ѕєχу ѕнσυℓ∂єяѕ. She grabbed at that his warmth his eyes blazing with vapor that was her curled ringlets around him.She wanted more to curl inside a good book.He said who do you belong to I want to hear this then he said I am not letting you was like building a brick wall across her not letting her words speak.I refuse to give you up you must realize not to someone that I already know.He still held her gaze not wanting ever to release her. She finally pulled away but she turned and heard a deadly scream.

♥ Get off my shoulder straps ♥ he's up on one knee fitting snugly so short fused. I can't get no satisfaction with the "Snap Dragon" I call him he could bark out orders all he likes. let me take some pleasure, my panini wrap. Just want one serene tasty bite looking up at my beautiful work of art it flicked my eye filled with bright sunlight of daisies Feng Shui kitchen that hot steam sunflower through my face.

    I must balance my flavors and colors was this the end of my rope.I felt his fingers digging those big little lies going deep in my wishing upon my starlit shoulders If he believed in God he needed to send flowers of the Lily prayer instead of making my breakfast scramble it is "My hands speak "Forget me not Wildflower" I'm not your wild card hey I am Lily.I got red-passion Asian good luck the fire element I might be a different flower sometimes I feel tropical but I don't bite bring me my lotus tea. I love to travel to the Orient. They were all unique what's in a person's name well they were far from Hollywood fame. one was called Trystan he was always hooked on Amazon erotic love man the other man was named Brice how he portrayed the monk style he worshiped the rice bad dreams paid the price.The Gibson man he was no Hendrix he needed another drug of a fix. Sexy shoulders to seduce his drug's.Another taste of a flower.Atropa ringing purple bell flowers belladonna it was deadly person turned bad Zackery what demon of witchery so many rituals and spells he performed.

     I don't want to be baked like his rice pudding.He doesn't even know how to throw it when he's at a wedding. Waiting for me to sit on his lap. He's always snoring. I'm not your mega babe to byte.Your wicked finger marks blue flames to her delicate smells through her eyes of irises.I felt every petal falling into my flower wrist. Get off my bloody shoulder She could see the African moon settling in. His eyes became the blood moon.He loves to take a bite so rotten apple how he falls my way country air his insides and exterior broadening his mind he left me with an aching heart shoulder.She has a country tongue as long as a map traveled.

    I'll be leaving on a jet plane with my Amazon Lily don't know where I will rhinestone heels and my petals of love will follow me.When you feel lost in the flower just split the sky and ride em high.Better yet row and row Amazon Lily me boat.When the chips are down flowers really know me he got me my flower lashes fluttered like the country girl I am to bloom. He was bleeding like a Redwine cologne I feel you don't want to see me anymore. I noticed a bad chip in the computer. But I have my angel wing begonia next to me near my bed lady bug on my shoulder. I am sitting in my favorite chair called The Queen Anne lace with potent smells of flowers.

      She was shy untutored the right man never touched her but he was hot getting close. He's counting all the bad love me love me not's like their chips. She needed to be like the begonia non-stop fire red.Almost there another round we go he keeps smelling but her shoulder couldn't be licked.See through her skin sweet & a nibble she just click's bunch of dead heads but he could feel her mind like a saran wrap how it clings to his.We are all Bloody suckers like were linked in Alice I will fly you to the moon how daring a cookie is he's not?.Well, please don't forget me not I am wearing the English lavender that he loves so bedroom I needed to spruce it up he's like my fly by night Batman Bruce.

     I am laying in my French Provencial bed waiting.Turned on TV dark shrug the shoulder remote Couch-nasty lover's she eating up dark moon chip's Hershey gold all mine bag supermarket dark-goods drugs "Where's my Apple Mac?" I need to get his broad shoulders and push his buttons I have the combination keys to open his safe after I throw him off the Brooklyn train track."Just Me" alone and my coffee mocha polka counting my dots. His cloud's pass me every now and then she found him in her head.

   You cannot take it out of my head once it's there.She knew he would execute the only way he could combat holding her gaze capturing something of value. She felt like a chip no one cares about.What a tiger Lily racing he sparked plugs how she could burn his icy eyes such allure she has like Alaskan puppy eye backs him away.Walking in Stormy weather coffee and creature bite computer charged out in March like a lion emails and passion. His hands were cold on the computer She felt an alternate bite of a world all chips of the new technology block. He had microscopic eyes he had to learn how to use his ability how he could stick way through his hands on the computer. He wears his pinstripe suit so well powering the whole planet.

     She walks a thousand kisses in her French silken strings wiggle skirt could melt Stocky men how it was a coin market but she was shrugging their shoulders new chip design and logo everything became around video games. Her fingers curved inside the Sun Key Largo yellow pages got dark & mysterious in no time gloves to dance the evidence one step at a time. like you didn't see anything happening.I'm the man who is going to kill someone they better not threaten me. She is caught in my web of desire to see he's erectly up.

    Her seductive hands to trace him. This was the government property he wanted them off his shoulder and counting with every heartbeat of hers.That feminine sweet chip of silk in here the intimacy of mind contact would be the target they came.He betrayed her by now using her sweet candy compassion like the letters on the computer key stood out rest in chip RIP my dear. He could shift her like in another world she was pleading with him for a time to release her letting her life be normal but she was dragging him with her weapon of chips and seeds. She wanted to say Goodby Mr, Chips.But he couldn't resist turning his fingers into a fist his lips had a rhythmic motion his knuckles ran along side of her creeping up his arms were locking her head he was robbing her wᵢₜₕ ₕₑᵣ bᵣₑₐₜₕ his voice came out like a whip not whip dreamy.

    Get off my cloud comedy came late he'll hug Played out bad 2 the chip gig. Mr! Hershey you don't have to look any further I have your Miss Vaunderpumps 💔 and your Trump Presidential bar no need to look anymore. I'm wearing my newer than life Jersey tea shirt.He's solid and safe his lips flowered over her ears drinking in my coffee instead of terrible two Ms, Titan tea. She has a tea shirt to match her drink I don't get it.She went all the way to Japan to get the green money tea with the lotus flower the best flavors.

     She was the lady with the naked gun did she get a run for her money. Chocolate chips melted wax hell lips Dark mind Killer quest Gunpowder off my shoulder test RI CHIP'S-P Rest in Peace wait in chips 𝐻💮𝓁𝒹𝓈 𝑔𝓇🍩𝓊𝓃𝒹 𝓌𝒾𝒸𝓀𝑒𝒹 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉 2 holsters shooting out Chocolate bullet chips ♦ like diamonds. Hell, gimme more Mobster Don't doll face me gun-it Lobster Goes a long shot off her soft kiss me shoulder.I'm getting hotter what's with your Ice shivers me what a pop out of the Jack in the box. I only want to Tease you?. Be already melted? You better please me? Touch my lip's with your shoulder I touched your mind engraved deep thoughts scattered chips Frequent flyer used up my Sweet lip's of the trip 𝓦𝓮𝓻'𝓮 𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓶𝓪𝓭 𝓶𝓮𝓷 dark chocolate TV chip's Movie action, the tea lotus maiden & the water invites her to his nymph of the mermaids down below.

     Ruined my whole image lips You slide back and fourth. Spaced out dark Darth how could one flower ruin such a bunch of men leader of smoked out strawberries biker pack. Accident controlled Hell's angel lacy ride Black spike leather Goth you both open up your sensual mouth spreading love it better be the right flower above.

Sweet chip's from the earth 2 die 4 Let's go dominant miracle of men section sensual shoulder's ѕєχу ѕнσυℓ∂єяѕ faces of single's. Men like the German shepherd they got angry. Gothic chic of the cloth mingles Oh! Father, please. I have sinned I have 2 many lives on the computer I signed that one singer eating edible love flowers. She's hooked and

on her shoulder overexcited Lotus 22 karat gold so jaded College dark and dorm Spiked drinks Rider's Jimmy of the Storm My shoulder touched you moved back Running naked dark shadow train track Music played unique & edgy her shoulder's banged into him he's Singing when the chip are down & my shoulder had a splitting headache, please? don't come around.

    But I was singing when my chips in Vegas are up don't come to see me you better give up Awe that hurts.

He was plotting something 💔 and I wanted to get home I had a lot of business to jot down. I am singing, but his hot spot is ringing.Please don't eat my daisies some flowers are a work of art so edible.

Santa baby hanging, poinsettia's she acted like Mona Lisa some sexy porcelain Gothic doll Mac black magic•°*"˜.•°*"˜ got me in his spell.

Hanging from the mistletoe I lost one shoe and I slipped what a little boy blue he of sexy doll shoulders ѕєχу ѕнσυℓ∂єяѕ

    He kissed my mysterious shoulder it burned like panic flower child Woodstock concert She had the flower on the side of her hair.

    Now I got his attention, he noticed me? CD picture Please don't eat my Daisy musical.Stay away from my note's All over the Grunge sexy states.Draws the face low sexy back Dark and Silhouette, Orient sexy smoker track вℓα¢к ιηк вℓα¢к.Dark drama indecent refined vision Double trouble moody-black transition.Let's not impose New Black dress exposed Shoulder sensual high-curve Soprano Mob dark suit, not my taste odd pursuit Get off my shoulder I will be Opening up another Flower bleeding heart- {folder}

Love Adventure Awakening, Brave Destiny

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